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Author Topic: Blamed for Head lice  (Read 4933 times)


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Blamed for Head lice
« on: Dec 31, 2011, 02:14:57 PM »
The child contracted head lice from an unknown source and the child is having a difficult time getting rid of it. The mother's only interest seems to be blaming me and my household. Mother always claims child had no eggs in hair until the child comes back from time spent with me. We have cleaned our house numerous times and done everything possible to clean the household. We have contacted the cdc and cleaned to every specific guideline we can find.

It's also interesting to note that, no other children that have visited over here, nor households where our child has visited has any traces of lice.

I have joint physical/legal custody of child. Could any of this possible threaten my legal standing with the court.


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Re: Blamed for Head lice
« Reply #1 on: Dec 31, 2011, 02:53:22 PM »
If head lice threatened custody of any sort, no one would have custody of their children. The best way to get rid of them is to actually pick nits out of the hair. Combs are not 100% effective. This takes several sessions and life cycles of lice to get rid of them, as nits are easily missed.
Go through her hair a very small section at a time. I would suggest putting on a favorite movie of hers so that she would have patience to endure this time-consuming procedure. Put any nits that you find into a glass of vinegar and flush it when you are done.
Lice are becoming more resistant to chemical treatments. I wouldn't recommend putting any more pesticide on her head to treat them.
This is the advice given by our school nurse, and I was a school nurse too. Lice just aren't that big a deal, except to ex-spouses. Kids share them all the time. I used to send DS to school with a plastic grocery bag. This was to be used for his coat. Hanging coats next to each other is a great way to get lice, too.
Good luck. Getting rid of lice is not easy. Sharing households makes it harder. She's probably getting them over there and mom checks when she returns from your home. Then she doesn't check before sending her back. Your ex is also a nurse, I remember. So of course, she knows more than you and the CDC....
Or I could be full of hot air about relationships. Wouldn't be the first time. You had the loser for a judge, I remember. So you might want to document all the things that you have done to treat them....have her prove what she has done to treat the lice. Save receipts, rent steam cleaners, etc....


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Re: Blamed for Head lice
« Reply #2 on: Dec 31, 2011, 04:51:20 PM »
Check child on arrival for eggs each time and again when you send child home.
Call child's school and ask if it has been in child's class or bus.

If she is coming in with them, get the shampoo and spray. Get rid of stuff animals or bag them in garage. Wash sheets/pillow cases. Some counties social service department will come over and check child/house to give you pointers on how to get rid of them.

I work in a school. This is the time of year for them/winter. Hats/coats touching each other. Tell child to put coat in backpack. No sharing combs at either house. Not going to loose custody over it but it is a big pain to deal with if she is really going home or to you with them.


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Re: Blamed for Head lice
« Reply #3 on: Jan 01, 2012, 11:39:53 AM »
Our BM swore that HER house could never be the cause of lice so HER daughter had to be getting them from our house.  Didn't matter that the three children at our house didn't have lice until after SD came to visit or that we would get rid of it at our house but each time we found it on SD it was a full blown infestation that could not have happened in the hour car ride in took to get to our house.   ::)
BM even went so far to say HER daughter was getting it from our horses as there was no way that HER daughter got it from HER house.  (BM has this special way of putting emphasis on the word "her" when she speaks of SD as if DH had no involvement in SD creation)
When the daycare that HER daughter eventually fessed up to having wigs in their dress up box and that most of the kids in the daycare had been trading lice back and forth for months, do you think we got a "sorry"?  Yeah, sure.
This will pass.  It's a huge pain in the.....head....while it's happening, but like the previous posters said, if the courts worried over lice, no one would keep their kids.   Hang tough.


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