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Author Topic: False Accusation of Domestic Violence  (Read 2698 times)


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False Accusation of Domestic Violence
« on: Sep 11, 2012, 06:13:33 PM »
I live in Pierce county and have been falsely accused of domestic violence by the opposing party. I was never arrested, convicted, or charged. I am unable to gain assistance from the court, yet the court allows the opposing party's counsel to ask and receive whatever they request. The attorneys that I have hired in the past do little to no good in providing any assistance. The opposing party has continued withholding our child from me, despite the courts stating that the parenting plan takes precedence over the DVOP and that the parenting plan isn't a recommendation, but an order from the court. I have finally started filing contempt after my lawyers in the past did nothing. The opposing counsel was able to get the Judge to modify the parenting plan with adequate cause and not filing a motion. They continue using stalling tactics, further abusing the court process. The judge also ordered that I would not be able to file any new motions with the courts regarding the matte. Basically, denying my any recourse or due process. I am requesting a reconsideration and if the Judge doesn't change his decision I will appeal. I have resorted to video recording the opposing party's counsel avoiding discussing their dilatory practices which contradicts what they have presented to the court. I've also video recorded mediation representatives confirming what the opposing party's counsel has been dishonest about. I will provide this information to the WSBA, Commission on Judicial Conduct, Pierce County Family Law Courts, and any organization that I can enlighten about how family law is handled in Pierce County.

If all parents that are in similar situations flooded the courts dockets with motions of their cases and were persistent, the laws would change. Do not hire a lawyer! Contact a knowledgable paralegal or individual(s) that have experienced family law matters in your area or state. Help one another navigate the family law courts. The courts would be overburden with family law matters without lawyers profiting from our misfortunes. The courts would eventually see the benefits of implementing shared custody to those parents truly wanting to be responsible to and for their children.


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