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Author Topic: need to vent  (Read 928 times)


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need to vent
« on: Sep 06, 2006, 07:15:47 AM »
i have posted before i am a mom of four boys had custody since 1996 sued him for support after 10 1/2 of years of only 50 a week till he stopped paying that ,so i finally got enough courage to sue him .now he is sueing me for custody cause he doesnt want to pay!

i am so tired of all this already havent heard nothing about the home eval .

tired of my exs bullsh**he is bribing the kids with quads tellin them if they pick him he will buy them one.plus taking them to concerts and all these other places instead of buyin them beds to sleep in dont forget my kids sleep on the floor and coaches in the living room .they need clothes and shoes for his house instead of taking things from their home well my kids would take my blankets over i said you know what your father is responsible to make sure you have all u need there.grrrrrr i make sure my sons have everything .

also i got a phone call on sunday from his second wife whom he left her in nov 2004 must be that month he left me nov 1997 wit his kids just like her well a little different he left her when she was 5 months pregnant and she was home with there 2 yr son went to a bar never came home and shacked up with the new gf .well anyway his 2nd wife called me and told me that her son has a black and blue eye i asked her what happened she said i dont know he never told me that he got hurt .

so she called my ex and asked what the hell happened to his eye and she said i hope you never touch him to my ex he is like you talk to tina to much she is putting **** g into your head i was like what the hell i didnt say anything .he told her like she is telling ppl i choked our son ...

hello he did infront of witnesses across the street ,3 of my sons friends and all my sons and my oldest sons gf ok sure i made it up how can someone be in denial...i took my son to the doctors as a result of this called women in crisis but i got scared when it was time to go to talk to them cause i was still afraid of my ex,,but i told the doc and the school guidance counsler and the shrink at my sons one school .so i did try to get help that way i should have just called the police well guess what i will never ever make that mistake again.

also what is bothering me my ex told his children they are not allowed to visit his parents (kids grandparents) if they do they will be punished he told them they have no business going there im like hello that is there grandparents they only live 3 blocks from me.
see his parents wont allow the new gf in there home cause she help wreck his marriage to his 2nd wife so they aren t happy with him and wont accept the new gf and my ex said well if you dont then i wont be coming around.they said if that is the way you want it thats up to you .

but to tell your kids that they arent allowed to be with there grandparents is so wrong....they are scared to see them i can see it in there eyes i told them you do not have to stay away you go see them when you want they arent gonna be around forever and if your dad tries to punish you for that then i will try to find out what i can do about it.

he is such a bastard.

i cant wait for all this to be over

the kids have to go with him tonite he never wanted them on his wednesday till now not for 10 1/2 yrs so he will pick them up at 6 and bring them home at 10 which screws up my schudule at home the kids when i have them have to be in at 830 showers by 930 and in bed at 10 .

well when they go with him on wednesday they come in after 1o need there showers so they dont get to bed till about 1130 then i have the school calling me asking me why the kids are so tired ? i told them they said ok.i also explained what was going on .

after i win this god i hope i win this i am gonna ask for wednesdays hours be changed or dropped and over nites to stop because of no beds they dont have bedrooms for my sons. the kids told me they dont want no more overnites . they just want to like go with them every other saturday from like 10 to 1o or something this is what they told me ..i mean there all teenagers they want to be with there friends out playing football and bb and all .

they told me when they are there he doesnt bother with them he pays all his attention to his other two children from his 2nd wife they just get to sit there and watch them get ther dads attention ..i guess it hurts them .this just all sucks and this custody thing shouldnt even be happening.   im tired of seeing my kids hurting and all the other bs going on ......my kids are my life no man or anything would ever come between us not ever and i wouldnt even pick a man over my parents what the hell is...

for him to not talk to his parents is his decision but to stop my kids is bs


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