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Author Topic: Filing GAL Complaint  (Read 1476 times)


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Filing GAL Complaint
« on: Feb 21, 2013, 06:40:20 PM »
I want to file a complaint against a GAL who is completely biased and refused to look at facts. Failed to speak with my witnesses and whe  he di gave his opinion about me before even hearign what these people said. He double booked my first appointment. Forgot for 4 months to run my credit card, made a judgement against me after promiisng to discount me for double booking my appointment for the full amount made contradictory statements to me such as your wife says you went to the doctor 22 times and she went 47.

I said I think i went more do you want me to get you proof. No 22 is enough. He then says to the court I never took them to the doctor. I then go to the Doctors office and get records showing I took them 38 times. Then he says its not important? I went to every parent teacher conference was a class reader for both my kids. I am a Musician by trade however I am home most of the time. I put them on the bus or drove them to school every day. When I did have a gig I always came home and would be arisen by my kids to feed them every day. I took them to pre school etc.

My ex wife has an anger management problem. I have a statement from our LCSW who was our Marriage counselor stating after 14 hours of counseling she has an anger management issue. I also had a Psychiatrist who had prescribed medicine for my ex which she refused to take and his answer was well adults don;t always take their medicine. Then The GAL says well that report is 2 years old. I reply well if she robbed a house 2 years ago and is in jail for doing so the house is still robbed.

So I filed an ARDC complaint against him. When the GAL found out I was complaining to the ARDC he calls me and tries to talk me out of it. The ARDC, and my Attorney said this would happen, They said just cause you don't agree with the GAL does not mean he didn;t do his job. I said well when he called to talk me out of filing he said I am not a marriage expert. So then I said well what are you? YOu refuse to look at any facts and change your line in the sand every time I come up with new evidence.

From the moment i went to see him he screwed up my case. Further he wrtote the repot the night before court finishing at 12:30 am and the report was due at 9. He did not talk to all my witnesses. I was the parent with them all the time while my Wife went back to school. I don't do drugs, hardly drink and was with them 80% of the time. I routinely took off work to watch them. 28 1/2 days out of 29. My ex wife is a teacher with 30 paid sick days yet she never took a day off.

I run an after school guitar lesson compnay with at that time 38 contracted employees so its not like I was laying around. My career and not the facts were used against me and the fact my ex wife was a teacher was also used against me depsite the facts. I did not have $20,000 for a trial. Further shortly there after he gets an associate judge ship. I want his ass on a plate. Total sexism. What can i do?


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Re: Filing GAL Complaint
« Reply #1 on: Feb 21, 2013, 06:56:39 PM »
American Bar Association???


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