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Author Topic: Emancipation California  (Read 3047 times)


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Emancipation California
« on: Apr 07, 2015, 03:49:27 AM »
I have done plenty of research on Emancipation for the State of California. I have many concerns an issues i would like some advice on. So please feel free to share your stories and opinions (please nothing negative).
I lived with both of my parents until the age of nine, which was not the greatest situation. My father was an alcoholic,he was very abusive, and from what it seemed at the time Schizophrenic. My mother was also an alcoholic and drug addict. There was never a day living in that home that they did not fight with each other. Waking up for first days of school with blood and glass on the floor became something of a normality to me. Every night consisted of fighting, screaming, blaring music, and physical fights. i got used to having holes in the walls, cops showing up almost every night searching the home. These are not things a child should have to endure, but i do know that others have been through worse. Things got so bad that when i was in the first grade my father had to be put on house arrest in another town from the abuse towards my mother. it was a peaceful year that year. Until he came home. my father was a construction worker so he was only home nights or sometimes weekends. My mom and i lived in our car on and off during these times.
Over the next few years things just continued to get worse, so bad that my aunt came and took me and my mom out of state across the country, this only lasted 9 months before we were kicked out due to my mom not being able to quit drinking. She wanted to move back in with my dad anyways. so we moved home.
Things ere nice for a few months, but i knew that nothing had changed. Soon enough the alcohol and abuse were back. Although there was so much going on at home i still maintained straight As through school. At this time i was 12, and my mom took me to my sisters and i didn't hear from her for months. I got put in school and did everything i was supposed to do. Turned out my dad had a brain aneurysm from getting so drunk he smashed his head through a wall, also i discovered my mom had cancer. Living with my sister wasn't so bad at the time, except she was never around. She was always at work, or out partying. but when she was home there were always random people in and out of our home. My mother would show up on drugs or drunk every once in a while. I had learned to move on from it, i didn't talk to my dad for 3 years while living with my sister. But during this time i had became very depressed from everything going on in my life. at the age of 14 i was raped by a close friend of my sisters and was blamed for it. It sent me down a horrible path. Such a horrible path i contacted my parents for help. I wanted out of my situation so badly i would have rather lived with my parents. That year i did move, they did get custody of my.
I only lived there for a total of 3 months. Those three months were traumatizing. My parents both promised me sobriety, I should have known better. Durring those three months i attempted suicide multiple times, one my father forced upon me. I did get into plenty of physical altercations with him. My mother is Stage 4 of her liver cancer and still continues to drink and let him abuse her. After those 3 months i moved in with my aunt, whom had lived in the same town as my sister. I will never know how to repay her for everything she has done for me because she saved my life. I was happy when i lived with her. i finally realized what it was like to be included in a real family.
My Bestfriend of 3 years had became my boyfriend, and i had finally found out that i was just living in a phase. A horrible one my family had decided to put me through. I realized that not all families are like mine.
After a few months of living with my aunt, my mom decided to leave my dad. She was sober for sometime. It was really healing, even though she was still sick it was good. We even got our own apartment, my boyfriend did move in with us also. But there are many complications. My mom went back down the path of drugs and alcohol. She will steal my car every day to get alcohol, pills, and drugs. My sister and i both have tired everything to get her to become sober, yet nothing helps.
But now i have a bigger issue of my own. i am 16 and also pregnant. (what a disappointment, I know) My boyfriend is 19, and there are a lot of problems within my family of weather it is right or not. they do like him but if my father were to find out, he was alert the authorities. My mother is the only way of him finding out, due to the fact she is on drugs and terminally ill.
I make sure all my bills are paid each month, I make sure there is food in my home and that it is a clean healthy environment. I just wish it were easier to do at this point.
 My boyfriends family is a huge help, they are such amazing people. They just don't want anything to go wrong now.
 So, i have been contemplating emancipation for a few months and i just dont know how to go about it. I am 16, i will turn 17 in june. I know 18 is around the corner, but i just feel as though it isn't close enough with everything going on. I already take care of myself and my mom.
 please all advice is helpful. Or share your stories.


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