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Author Topic: Father NCP files for custody after learning that 8yr old abuses & mother never informs father"  (Read 1150 times)


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Father NCP files for custody after learning that 8yr old abuses & mother never i..."

           I'm hoping that someone can help us with suggestion on were we go from here?!?! Two weeks ago on Dec 9 my 14yr old stepdaughter(who lives with us) informed her father and I that her little brother had been sexually assualted by his mother's neighbor over 8 months ago. The suspect was arressted and is awiating trial, but the mother (custodial parent) never informed us, matter fact she instructed the children to NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES do they tell their father or I. At the time of the incident the children were living in the state that we riside in but over the summer the mother asked if her and the 2 children (15 yr old daughter and 8 yr old son) could move and get a fresh start away from her current husband (which she also has a child with). The intention was that she was to move in her family home rent free and get on her feet finacially by getting a job that was over 4 months ago and still no job and the current husband has been there to "visit" 6 times in 4 months. Since learning of the sexual assault we have also learned of some Domestic Violence that occured between the mother and current husband. So, we have filed for an emergency motion to grant us temporary custody but we haven't heard anything from the courts as of yet! UGH!! It the holidays and were suppose to put these children back on a plane on Thursday and she is threatening to have us arrested for kidnaping if they don't return on Thursday... Did I forget to mention that the 8yr has never been in ANY counseling for the assualt and is due to testify in 3-4 wks via videotape and then possibly on the stand if the videotape isn't allowed. The mother has no issue with putting this very young child on the stand and furthermore has continued to distroy this child security and safety with his father because she has told him that if we get custody that we will never let him see her... He has requestd not to speak to her because she make him upset which we said that was fine! So in closing what do we do?????

Very scared and worried I love my stepson and don't want him to go through this anymore then he has too!!!




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