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Author Topic: Not divorced yet but lost my kids to my wife  (Read 1826 times)


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Not divorced yet but lost my kids to my wife
« on: Feb 26, 2008, 08:56:18 AM »
Where do i start back on 11/20/07 my wife filed for and got a temp protection order and had me removed from our house.   Later that same day i saw her and her new boyfriend removing some of our things from the house.   I was susposed to have the PFA hearing on 11/30/07 but she had the hearing delayed for one week she said so that she could get a lawyer but she needed the extra time to get a truck and clean out the house.   The PFA was dissmissed or thrown out because there was not any grounds for it because I never did anything to her.   She did all of this just so she could be with another guy, and because of this i lost everything the house,job, she took the car, everything that was in the house and i mean everything, and she took the kids.   Now the kids are living with my wife and her new boyfriend and she is trying to turn the kids against me.   She tells them that they can not see me because i will hurt them and keep them from her.    So on 2/8/08 we had a custody hearing and she got the kids and i get to see them just every other weekend and 2 weeks during the summer.    I feel that i am being punished just because she wanted to be with another guy.    At the hearing infront of the master i did not even get a chance to explain anythingand i felt that everything went the way that she wanted it to go i mean she left for someone else, took everything and i now have to pay her.   So if anyone out there can offer any help for me to get my kids back i am all ears.


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