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Author Topic: Gypsy  (Read 1204 times)


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« on: Nov 03, 2005, 08:12:53 PM »
Thank you for your support on the Socrateaser board!! I need any and all advice I can get..I am so discouraged! The judge even admonished my ex's new wife in court...And I quote "I can see that this relationship is being frustrated, as I see your wife shaking your head that no her mom does not need to be in her life" "She needs to understand that you had a child with someone else" "Let it be known that there is presidence that custody has changed parents because of interference with a court order"...But, I will stop ranting..just very sad tonight!! The judge would not even see my evidence.


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RE: Gypsy
« Reply #1 on: Nov 05, 2005, 12:29:13 AM »
SOC Is  a good man : What he posted about a parenting evaluater is  similar to what happened to me , Actually the Order to Appoint Guardian Ad Litem . / Parenting Evaluater ,Is the Same as I said except I left out the Parenting Evaluater ,
  It's a tough call to go at it pro se , But I had it explained differently to me than SOC did , My atty told me the judge will defer the decision becuase they don't want KING 5 news down there remmember that part , Again In wash state ' When there are contested Issues the Judge will do absolutely nothing for you untill they see such a report , IT HAPPENED TO ME ! Secondly the system  Here, works out that you go see a Commissioner first because it takes a year to get to trial : And if you see a commissioner , And you did not like the result You can file a motion for reconsideration , with in ten days And go see a real judge , Unfortunatly you have just seen what men go through all the time , It;s like we have to prove ourselves worthy to see our own children by going through this court process of the parenting evaluater and a number of other things that can occurr including Evals for domestic violence etc etc , You now have to play along , I think if you really read Soc's post for what it means in simple terms , You need to file a MOTION TO APPOINT A PARENTING EVALUATER  ; I don't kniow how that process works where you are  , But here you file it . they will be likely to stall , But then the judge can get the report , If this is indeed a school counselor , You May want to just put that in your declaration in support of your motion , SOC has great knowledge , However one of the answer's he gave me is correct , But In wash state when you see the commissioner there is no Entering of evidence , You  have a trial with a real judge to use evidence , So I ask you" did you see a judge or a commissioner ?, Commisioner's  give temp orders , Judges make real rulings at trial And it takes a while to get to trial,
  Call A lot of atty's in your area And interview . " I think what you need done is not that complicated . And you need an atty that has that point of view , Then again I am not an atty? So take what I say as related to what happened to me , And every situation is different


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