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Author Topic: Pulling my hair out  (Read 1771 times)


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Pulling my hair out
« on: Sep 10, 2005, 04:40:52 PM »
 I got this word from someone on here. I say this word sums bio up. All these years dh has been fighting for custody of sd. Thousands of dollars. Which we have borrowed and still paying back. Now we have custody of sd and bio is driving me nuts. Even more so than before. We dont have money to go back to court but this is what we are dealing with.
Bio has been getting food stamps, tanif checks, and medicaid for sd. Even though sd has been living here since March and bio was incarcerated for 3 months. So while we have been struggling financially. Fighting cut off notices and everything else. Paying for sd school clothes, soccer cleats, girl scout stuff or whatever she has needed. Bio has been getting help from the social services.
So when I went to file for assistance they would not let me file sd in my household because bio was filing her already. We called our county, her county, and even called Richmond. Everyone was like the laws are not fair, bio can file sd even though she only has her 6 days a month. We got very angry. We threatned to have our lawyer handle it. Finally after 3 weeks of waiting and after bio has already received assistance for sd this month. Someone calls me Friday and said they would change it over to our household and said bio could keep sd on her medical because she is her mother. I said no. Absolutely not. Bio is to not get any assistance for sd while sd resides here.
Bio has been calling for 3 days. She is asking dh to let her keep sd on her medicaid. Bio claims she needs sd on her medicaid so that bio can see a psychiatrist for post traumatic stress syndrome and how her medicine would be over $400.00 with out sd on medicaid. Finally dh talked to her today. After all that calling, and threatning to get a lawyer dh would not tell bio straight up freaking no. He tells her he will call the social services Monday.  Why on earth would she think we want to let her keep getting assistance for sd when she has not bought sd so much as a pencil for school and we are struggling? wtf?
Then bio asks dh about Halloween. Dh is so freakin retarded he cant tell bio straight up NO! He beats around the bush. He could not remember that we did not see sd last Halloween. They did not even answer the phone. Bio was telling him we had her last year but we did not. She wants sd on Halloween. It is not court ordered. He has no intentions of letting bio have sd. Why could ne not straint up tell her NO!?
Sd had her 504 - IEP meeting on Thursday. Bio's mother called and said bio was ill and to continue on with the meeting. Well yesterday Friday bio called and talked to my mnl who lives next door to us and said that she called the school and was going to meet with them at 2:30 yesterday. So she went yesterday instead of attending Thursdays meeting. I wonder why she could not go to the original meeting?
Bio told mnl that she wanted to pick sd up from school afterwards. I called the school and reminded them that bio is not to take sd anywhere. Get this she told mnl that she wanted to pick sd up because I looked so tired from running around the week before. She is driving me FREAKING NUTS! (((Pulling my hair out now!))) Then she gets out of her car when we drop sd off yesterday with the 504 plan and was telling me how things were going to be. How sd should not take her medicine before lunch and how sd needed a dentist appointment.
That is already taken care of I told her. Sd is on medicaid. We cant find a dentist to take sd before December. If bio would pay half of a dentist bill we would gladly take her before then. Stupid B*tch!~ She was telling the school how sd needed to go to the dentist. I think she went on a different day so she could feed the school full of crap.
Anyways.. sd has never been allowed to play sports or be in any afterschool activities. Now she is in girl scouts and soccer. Today she had soccer practice. First game is on Monday. Bio did not bring sd to soccer practice today but wants dh to let bio keep getting assistance for sd when he has primary physical residential custody of sd. Bio has joint legal but nothing else.
BTW... sd counselor called me on Friday. He said bio sounds like she has extreme bi polar instead of post traumatic stress syndrome. Her victum is dead. Say a prayer ladies that bio goes to jail on September 19th. She is being tried for second degree murder, abduction, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine while having a firearm. Pray hard she goes down and gets out of my face.
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RE: Pulling my hair out
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11, 2005, 04:28:54 PM »
I am so sorry!  We have a sociopath too, there is always a scheme to look out for, and around every corner there is a confrontation.  She is ALWAYS right and never does anything wrong (ya right!) You are blessed to have SD!  Give her all the love and stability that you can, she needs it.  Sounds like BM is going away for a long time...that will give you a nice break to take a breath and relax and not have to look over your shoulder.  Good luck!


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