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Author Topic: What would you do?  (Read 8095 times)


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RE: What would you do?
« Reply #10 on: Oct 17, 2007, 08:30:37 AM »
A couple of questions:

Do the kids have insurance?  How is the doctors office filing an insurance claim if the kids aren't listed under their legal name?

I don't understand the 20 days notice for medical thing... so she has to give your ex 20 days notice of taking the kids to the doctor, or she has to give him the bill within 20 days?  If she has to give him 20 days notice and failed to do so, then you are not resoponsible for the bill, and I wouldn't pay it.  Send the bill back to the doctor with a copy of the order and a letter stating that she is responsible for payment, and that you want the kids names corrected.  Send her a copy, and tell her she's responsible for payment.

If I were you, I would file for contempt.  From what you're saying she's violated two seperate orders - the name thing, and giving notice on medical issues.  File and let her explain to the judge why the children are registered with the doctor under a different name, and why she didn't give the required notice.  

I understand your frustration...


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