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Author Topic: How do I bring charges for filing false criminal reports?  (Read 1592 times)


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How do I bring charges for filing false criminal reports?
« on: Aug 06, 2004, 12:40:02 PM »
My husbands ex-wife has been filing false charges against him with family court in 2 states, CPS and recently criminal court, she tells the police he threatens her and her new husband on the phone.  The new husband has a long violent criminal record, spending 5 years in a state prison in Florida, 25 arrests, many for domestic violence.  Has 2 children he his not allowed rights to.  The ex-wife has taken out a $5,000 loan using my husbands last name and SS# to secure it.  She has been found in contempt on 2 occassions in NJ for violating the orders of visitation, phone contact and refusing to pay her shares for property and ruining my husbands credit after the divorce.  We are currently fighting for custody of the 2 children.
My husband was arrested 2x in 6 months due to her false allegations, the only time he has ever been arrestd in his life.  The first time we were advised to accept an ACD, later 2 family lawyers, the law guardian and the forensics evaluator stated we should not have done such a thing. The second arrest, my husband was sent to prison for 10 hours and  thrown in with maximum security prisoners.  In such a short time he witness some horrible things.  He was ordered to post $2500 bail since we lived approx. 80 miles away.  We forced a trial even though the judge gave us hell for "wasting the courts time" rather than accepting an ACD.  After 5 long months, yesterday my husband was finally exonerated in Criminal Court but the judage refused to punish the ex. The ex and her husband antangonized and tortured us in the hall way during the 2 day trial.  This is not vengenance but I believe the only way to stop them is to file criminal as well as civil charges againt her.  My problem how do I get the police to accept these charges.  I was told by a former DA to file harrassment charges as well as false reprot charges, but them police have never listened to us before.  What do I say, or do to make the police press charges?


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