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Author Topic: Transcribing phone recordings  (Read 1050 times)


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Transcribing phone recordings
« on: Jun 25, 2005, 12:16:46 AM »
My ex is on a power trip and filed a petition to modify in her county of residence, even though we already have an ongoing case in the original county of the decree.  She did not follow court rules as far as telling them a case was pending in another county, etc.  

Three weeks later she filed contempt against me for not filing a paper with the court (which is sitting in the court file of the original court and has been for about 9 months) and for not returning my son at the designated time after a weekend visitation.

Some of you may remember my ex was threatening an Amber Alert if I didn't return my son after a weekend visitaion.  (she refused to meet at the spot we had used for a year).  Our court order does not address transportation issues, so I can't be in contempt of something not addressed in our divorce decree.

I was served on Tuesday with the papers for contempt.  Problem was the Affidavit to start Contempt was not included so my lawyer had to go to the courthouse and look in the file to find out what the contempt was for.  (the courthouse is 4 hours from me)

So now I am collecting evidence.  I am taking the police reports from the day she threatened the Amber Alert, the paper she claims was not filed with the court and a letter signed by her stating she is now willing to meet 1/2 way.  (the letter is dated the day after she filed contempt)  

I have hired someone to transcribe phone recordings for me.  The recordings include her 2 threats of the Amber Alert and messages and conversations about the weekend in question.  Is there anything I need to add to the transcriptions in order to submit them as evidence?  (Do they need to be notarized, for example?)



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RE: Transcribing phone recordings
« Reply #1 on: Jun 26, 2005, 04:23:35 PM »
I would make sure the person you hired is a paralegal(or of that nature) with a great record and make sure it is notarized.  Also with the tapes, make sure you have the recorder number marked for each conversation, that way if the judge wants to listen to the exact conversation, (s)he won't have to look it up, the tape number and recording number is right there for them to skip too.  Also make sure the tapings are submittable in court.   You don't want them thrown out or be held accountable for illegal recordings.


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