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Author Topic: Mistofelees & Helping Hands Menstruation Issue  (Read 8577 times)


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RE: Power games put on the wrong parent
« Reply #30 on: Jan 17, 2007, 02:56:09 PM »
I have been reading the post but unable to promptly reply as I am not at a public or my own computer.

I realize there are many views on this subject. I would never keep the child from mom as was likewise done to me along with the whole PAS thing. I feel the child should be taught how to deal with this. As I told my daughter, if it happen as midnight while you are with me I want to be prepared. My desire is that her mom has prepared her in case it does happen at night.

There are other females around, aunts, nieces, neighbors, friends, but her mom would be my FIRST choice. I would not mind it her going for the night but anything longer than that I just think is an excuse.  The child does see her mom much more that the standard every other weekend anyway.

Yes there are power struggles and always an ulterior motive. I have had two unfounded CPS reports alleging cuts, bruises, oral injuries and then not any of the found on the child the next day. The child has been told they do not have to do anything I say as I am trying to control them, instructed to keep a journal of anything (only)negative I do, told to lie, steal. I cannot get into the myriad of other issues.


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