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Author Topic: HELP CHANGE THE CURRENT LAWS  (Read 2356 times)


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« on: Nov 22, 2003, 07:39:43 PM »
If you're interested in changing the current laws governing support and custody - THERE IS A WAY!!! Come to the Orange County (NY) meeting of the Father's Rights Association this month. We are going to bombard the Assemblymembers of NY with letters to support a Bill currently on the floor which, if passed, will be wonderful for non-custodial parents!! I have form letters to fill out along with copies of the bill. I have already prepared the envelopes for mailing to all the different Assemblymembers. We just need bodies to sit down, check of a list of various offenses they've encountered and that's it!! We'll mail them all out!
Anyone living in Orange County, NY or surrounding areas close to Middletown, NY can contact me at:  christa@warwick.net    for more information. I will provide directions and date/time. The bigger the turn out, the better for all non-custodial parents. Also, anyone located too far from Middletown, NY can contact me so that I can mail them master copies which can be used for bulk production and given out to any groups they attend in their area.


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