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Author Topic: Evaluation and visitation questions please help!  (Read 1374 times)


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Evaluation and visitation questions please help!
« on: Jan 15, 2004, 10:06:06 AM »
Dear Soc,
 I have several questions and problems that I need answered as I , as the " significant other" of my spouse, is having an eval done in two weeks. I"m the last one to go in and the lawyer says the case rests on me, goodie!

1. What do I bring with me? How much am I allowed to explain as to what the ex has been doing to alienate these children?
2.Ex is a habitual liar and a manipulator. So far I believe the judge sees through her but she has gotten away with moving 200 miles away AGAINST a court order and succeeded to cry her way through 21 contempt charges and get away with those also, two being on the move away.

3.Each weekend for my DH's visitation that she is to provide transportation there is some kind of drama that has to happen first. She changes days, times or just doesn't show up at will with no phone calls.Lawyer calls hers and  says he'll " talk to her"

4.She causes screaming scenes each drop off and pick up and is no longer allowed at our home, now is causing same problems with in laws where she has to meet.

5. She has been recorded on our machine changing times and days sometimes hours after the first message where she is saying she'll bring them at a certain time or date, is this ok to bring to eval? Lawyer knows of this.

6.She has told children that their father doesn't love them, has a new family, has no time for them and just moved them away in  May without even telling him, pulling them out of school also without telling them.( we lived only a block away from them and saw them 3-4 times per week and EACH weekend until she started pulling stuff last March and kept them from DH for 7 weeks straight making excuses each time that we now find were never true. Even hiding children in the house when he went to get them with a witness  where they heard the children. Children later told us that they were forced to hide by their stepfather

7. We have learned of abuse, and that they are now self medicating one of the children with mothers drugs. SD has been told NOT to say anything and never mentioned it to the mediator when they met with her.

8. How do I bring all this up without sounding like all I want is against her. I just feel that she has pulled way too much and it is definitely NOT in the best interest of these children to be with her with the constant lying and buying their love.She has made very false allegations against the two of us, drugs, alcohol abuse ( we are Mormon! ) and domestic violence, all of which we can easily prove otherwise. Everyone has caught this woman in her own lies, even her new husband who seems just as disgusted now. He is allegedly hitting her and throwing things at her in addition to pushing the children and yelling at them.

9. What do we do? What should our lawyer do? We are totally at a loss here. The lawyer seems to do nothing. We've filed emergency custody after she left with them and they sent them to a mediator where she also lied. My DH asked for evals to be done so we are waiting on this.

Is there anything that I can do in the meantime. These poor children are in deep trouble with her.

Thank you , any help from anyone is desperately needed.



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