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Author Topic: how to find good GAL in NH?  (Read 1526 times)


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how to find good GAL in NH?
« on: Jan 19, 2004, 10:23:14 AM »

I've tried the "State board" here in deltabravo, and the attorney/GAL list here also, but no luck.

Background: the mom and dad divorced 10 years ago, joint legal, dad is non-custodial.  Back then, the custody evalulators listed a page of mom's mental issues, dad came up clean, but said they would leave up custody determination to the GAL.  Meanwhile mom befriended the GAL (who had just gone through a divorce herself and totally sympathized with the mom).  GAL said mom should have custody because it would be detrimental to mom's therapy to have joint physical.  Court went with it. Mom immediately stopped therapy and has been a nightmare since.

Mom has attempted to alienate child from father in various ways in the past ten years.  She now is taking the Dad to court to reduce his visitation, citing how their daughter has outgrown him.  

My husband feels the choice of GAL is crucial, since the GAL last time messed up by giving custody of their daughter to a women who has psychiatric issues and vindictive against dad.  We looked for a psychologist GAL, (foudn 3) but our lawyer doesn't like one of them, the other is one of the original evalulators (conflict of interest) and is not familiar with the third.  So failing to find a GAL with psychological experience, we're interested in just finding a male one (mom has issues with men).

How can we find a good male GAL in southern NH?

Also, any advice for us in general with this mess of a situation?  We have a list of contempts against mom, but hadn't wanted to go to court because of the extreme bias towards moms here in NH.  Plus mom lies through her teeth (but is believable because she believes her own lies - part of the Borderline Personality Disorder she has).

Help please.  Any guidance would be so appreciated.  My husband just wants to be left alone to enjoy his time with his daughter. PS he has always paid support on time and in full every month for over ten years.



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