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Author Topic: What do we say to this?  (Read 1136 times)


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What do we say to this?
« on: Nov 10, 2006, 06:15:05 PM »

all parties in IN, as well as all court orders.

Court orders pertaining to this situation provide for SM to pick up child in place of BF as his representative.  BF to have parenting time EOW from 6 to 6 and to be availalbe at the residence of the CP, BM is to tell BF as far in advance of any activity on his time to either work out alternate arrangements or decide if child is to go due to pre scheduled activities with BF, neither party is to involve the child in their disputes in regards to parenting times and the child is not to act as a go between.

This evening when I went to get SS, BM said he would be a few min and slammed door in my face, when SS comes out at 610 he says on way to car that he has a school activity at 630.  I said we did not know and did his mom talk to his dad he said no.  When we got in the car I handed him my cell phone and asked him to call his mother and ask her to work it out with his dad (she calls me a whore, flips me off and will not speak to me - all this is docucmented in court with the GAL's report) BM refuses to answer home or cell phone, so SS leaves a message to contact dad.  I called dad and asked his what we should do that I felt uncomfortable in that I had nothing from BM that said he had any activity and not that I do not trust SS, he is a child and I was not going to leave him some place on a minors word with no confirmation that this was indeed a school function that he was to attend.

BM finally calls back nearly an hour after child was to be at the school and leaves a mesasge that "SS was negligible for not contacting BF earlier in the week and that SS left 2 phone messages earlier today and if we caused him to not go then SS would face repercussions in school...etc etc etc.  When we got home tonight there were 2 prior calls from SS - but both on home phone and he knew we were both at work and no call was ever placed to either cell phone or to our work.  As a parent I would never allow my kids to go anywhere without speaking to antoher parent with whom my child was to be with.  

The court order does not give me the authority to take and drop off the child anywhere I see fit without the knowledge of his father while in our care.  When I called BF he had heard nothing from BM or anything to confirm this activity.  So he said he was only comfortable with having the child with us since nothing was discussed otherwise.

1.  From a parents point of view I believe I was 110% correct in my handling of the situation, but legally in the best interest of the child, how would the court rule, towards the function or his safety?


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RE: What do we say to this?
« Reply #1 on: Nov 10, 2006, 07:40:52 PM »
>1.  From a parents point of view I believe I was 110% correct
>in my handling of the situation, but legally in the best
>interest of the child, how would the court rule, towards the
>function or his safety?

Probably would order both parents to anger management counseling.

Get yourself out of the transportation business. This entire deal is between the two parents, and you shouldn't allow yourself to be involved, for your own sanity, as well as because you are a convenient object of the other parent's hostility.

If your signficant other doesn't agree, then you should request that the two of you go to counseling, because you have a serious issue that you need to work through, which ultimately will ruin your marriage if it's allowed to continue.


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