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Jan 26, 2012, 03:20:17 PM
I have a 2 yr old son. My girlfriend (was) and I seperated about 6 months ago, and she thinks she owns him. I have 3 taken care of him since birth. I worked delivering paper, watched him while she worked, eventually after several deer and going off the side of a mtn in a storm, my job ended.  I watched him full time while she worked. and still watch him while she works, but she dictates when I can have him stay. She looks at me as just a babysitter. I can't afford a lawyer and wonder how the best way to get legal papers with custody, so we can both be secure with how we share the time with our son. Right now I go get him in the morning and she comes and gets him in the afternoon. Now she wants me to come get him at 5am, her sister moved out, and I just want him to spend the night for more than one night at a time.