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Custody Issues / GAL, legal complaint, DV issue
Jun 03, 2019, 10:58:46 PM
I filed a motion to enforce parenting time.  The judge pushed it off onto the child support hearing officer who laughed and said was he supposed to issue a bench warrant for my son when he was refusing to go?  I told him that don was allowed to do whatever son wanted, mentioned other overly permissive parenting (I did not say that specifically) and ex had my son write stupid inaccurate things about me that "explained" why ex was not helping enforce my time, etc.
this was allowing son who was already expelled from 2 schools for sexual assault and solicitation with an electronic device to continue to do what he wanted.

I filed an appeal for that motion.  It is now including the GAL who sided with abusive ex in the first place, made sure that no DV assessment was done, used coercive control on me and my lawyer - whose other client had this guy as a GAL also and in march 2014 said he tended to give custody to the parent who did not video tape the children (to prove abuse).   Anybody know anything to do about this?  I was supposed to get help from my lawyer after the trial to file a complaint against him - but of course nothing happened.  Her other client had him as the GAL.  Would filing my complaint now get rid of him?    There are no rules for the GALs in this state that I know of.  I cant afford a lawyer.   

I am scared I am losing my son with the narcissistic dv behavior that the ex is teaching son.  Already I only have him hours on Monday and some thursdays.

Anybody know someone who filed a complaint against a therapist for something that got their license revoked? 
For SPARC to run the quote below, it must be run by men: 

              "We often advocate for fathers as custodial parents. Statistics show that custodial fathers
               are the most likely to encourage a positive relationship between their children and the other
               parent and to raise happy, healthy children."

What study would that be?  Are you familiar with the Sanders report?  Courageous Kids Network?  Lundy Bancroft?
The jekyll and hyde personalities are predominantly men, especially the personality disorders - and they are predominantly comorbid with other issues.    99% of the abusers are men. Even the american bar association says 70% of the abusers get their victims back and try to make the protective mothers lose their minds.  We stood in front of our children, tried to protect them, they were our world and now our world is gone.  The children are going thru more psychological abuse than you could ever imagine.   Are you familiar with Lundy Bancroft?   I was directed to this website by Parental alienation group for help and more baloney here for men promoting themselves as custodial parent. 

I stood in front of my children, stood up to the abuser.  He is as close to a narcissistic sociopath you can get without being Sam Vaknin.  My ex wanted to make sure the kids and then me had the same experience he did in his early life - drugged for "adhd" (ritalin actually controlled his rages), psychiatrists, social workers, behaviorists, counseling, truancy and knife pulling sent him to military school, then alcoholism kicked him from the military, anger issues at work I did not know about and then when I did it was all "bravado with the guys" until he got fired...  It was ok, just an accident.

His childhood history no one in his family would tell me - they were too scared of him.  They also stayed away.  Poor dear, he was the black sheep of the family - the pity play.  I dont wonder why now.  Sucked in by the good times and the 'poor me", I found out the truth after the divorce started, from dad taking son to psychiatrist to medicate for non-existent adhd - projection of his own conditions on others to medicate him and anyone else.  I read about his history in my son's file!

I told the truth about what was going on.  The GAL who always sides with the abuser men did not care, in fact helped the psycho and is still helping him. 

My daughter caved to his psychological abuse last May and I lost my children.  Unbelievable statements against a reality that has too much info about it and what has been done?  Too many men who do not want anything done about it, just state they are better matched for custody to make sure they keep the power and ensure more abuse.   

I thought the truth would matter.  I did not realize that is so far from the actual reality that anyone involved needs to be jailed.  Statistics.  I know statistics - they can be written to say anything if you want them to.   With blatant statements like that, what help is there?  None, unless you are a guy.