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General Issues / What do I need to be thinking about re: custody?
« on: Jun 08, 2011, 07:55:06 AM »
Hey everyone, I am looking for some answers and general info about child custody in Georgia.

Here's our situation: my husband and I have been married for three years. We have a two year old daughter for whom he's been a stay-at-home dad, while I've been working full time and paying 100% of our rent/bills/groceries/etc (while we have been together but prior to our daughter's birth, he held several intermittent part time jobs).  We have some minor debt together: a car that's half paid off.  I have student loans from before we met. 

For a few months, he's been flirting online with several women. We sat down and talked about it and I said that, as long as he could promise me that he was committed to our marriage and was keeping his flirtations just about sharing music and news, nothing romantic, that was fine with me. We both just turned 30, what the hell, he wants a little innocent excitement.

Well, fast forward to last night, he tells me he's fallen in love with a woman he's met online and is planning to move in with her. Apparently they've been emailing and calling frequently and are totally devoted to each other. As far as I can tell, they've been aware of each other's existence for about three weeks.

So he's getting really insistent that we work out some kind of custody agreement with our daughter. He is fixated on the idea that there will be no money in the arrangement - no child support OR alimony - and that we will split her physical and legal custody 50-50 (he is for some reason dead set on doing one week with me, one with him).

I am looking for legal information on how potential divorce and custody settlements will be affected in light of the fact that he has no job (and little prospects), will have no money according to the agreement that he wants as described, and is leaving the marital home to pursue a relationship with another woman AND plans to have his custodial time in her home. He's also been emotionally and physically abusive but I have no proof of this other than locked Livejournal entries (one with a photo) and I understand this doesn't mean anything in court.  What do I need to keep in mind while we are in the process of working out an agreement? 

I am still incredibly upset and confused and just looking for any advice that can clarify what I need to be thinking of right now.

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