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Yep, I'm looking for an advocate. 

My ex-wife has placed false accusations and now I need help in a bad way.

I left her in February of 2011 and have filed for Protection orders, each has been seen in court and overturned.  She has stalked me and my girlfriend, in fact she showed up at our door!  She filed for an Ex Parte order to get the kids back and has refused to allow contact with my kids when I first left her.  she and her family have posted threats and disparaging remarks on social media sites and claims that I have been making them. 

Judges refuse to see the DV and I need help!  My kids have been taken from me and she is using the legal system to do it! 

If anyone can help me, please do.  I have gotten help from C.L.E.A.R. legal and now need an attorney who sit on the stand with me.

Visitation Issues / Minimal Visitation....
« on: Dec 06, 2011, 09:17:54 AM »
Well, where too start...

I guess a quick run down would be best...

I left an abusive relationship in Feb of 2011, I had applied for a Protection after protection order from my abusive ex-wife, now 9 months later, we are in the custody phase. 

From Feb to August of this year, my ex kept my children from me.  I was not allowed to see them, if I called, she would hang up, when I did talk too them, they sounded coached and I could whispers in the background before my kids spoke. 

We had GAL appointed to our case and thru her manipulation and use of her family, I now have very little visitation time.  She has claimed that I have posted disparaging comments on social media sites and that i have abused my children.  I had my kids briefly earlier this year in which she got a judge too sign an Ex Parte order to get them back, all the while we had police at our apartment each week, which is now going to cause us too loser our home.

The GAL report is full of false information and she used her family to manipulate the findings.  I have hard copies of the their comments from the social media website and this doesn't seem to make a difference.  I have her and her family blocked, so they have no access anyway.

If anyone here has advice or knows of an attorney in Whatcom County, WA that is willing to help me Pro Bono, please let me know.  I'm now at the point where I can't go any further without help.  My kids are being taken from me by her using the legal system to get her way and the state of Washington refuses to do anything about it.

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