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First off I am custodial parent located in the state of texas. we reside 100 miles or more apart.

The kids are about to go with the NCP, aka mom, for the summer. Papers say June 15th, 6pm. This falls on fathers day weekend. Both mom and I are in a disagreement about how the kids should get to her.  she says i have to drop them off at her house because the 15th falls on fathers day weekend. Papers state that on fathers day weekend I am suppose to pick them up from her and drop them back off, BUT the papers also say that during the start of her possession periods, she is to pick them up from me. I feel that she is still suppose to pick them up from me because the kids are already in my possession at that time even though it's the third weekend of the month, her weekend. I just wanted to get input as to whether i am right, or wrong? Because I am very confused.

Also I have another question:

Papers say that i get one weekend if i give notice by april 15th (which i didn't cause i was stupid and didn't pay attention) ... but then it does into detail that if she has extended summer visitation which she does cause of the 100 miles apart thing, than i get 2 weekends. Not sure if i still have to give written notice for the 2 weekends or not. Im just really concerned about this because i want to see my kids at least once over the summer. its 42 days ill go without them and its not like she never gets them. even though we still live over 100 miles apart, she still enforces 1, 3, and 5th weekends. Makes it really hard to travel to pick them up. She doesn't pay any CS and hasn't at all. she refuses and believes she doesnt have too even though its court ordered.  Shes over 12,500 in arrears and nothing is happening. Its like she can just get away with whatever she wants, but if i am a minute late or cant bring the kids to her or so something that she wants, its the end of the world.

Thanks everyone for your help.