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I have two kids 2 and 3. After 2 years of not being able to see my boys at all, I was finally able to start seeing them after GAL got involved. Last few visits, my 3 year old has said some pretty disturbing things to me during supervised visits such as:
"Don't touch me!" While saying this he clinched his little fists and said it with conviction.
"I'm just going to play by myself." He said this at the beginning of a visit, as soon as he saw me.
"You're a bad man! I will kill you!"
While eating breakfast, in the beginning of a visit, he said to his mom: "I'm going to get to work, and we'll keep pressure."
"No need to touch me" You're bad" "You hurt my mommy!"
"You're not my dad, my grandpa is my dad."
"It's possible to only love mommy!" after I told him that I'm his dad.

I brought this issue to the GAL and she told me that I need reunification therapy and she gave me a list of reunification therapists in my area (WA). I spoke with a couple of them and they say that they can't stop my ex from alienating. They said they will be able to help me to have a relationship with my kids only by therapeutic support to me and my ex.
I want to follow GAL's recommendations, since she's supposed to be an advocate for the kids and I'm assuming she's recommending what's best for them. My lawyer says reunification therapy is expensive and I shouldn't try it, for now.
Has anyone had experience with something similar?
All suggestions and thoughts will be appreciated.
Thanks guys!
Chit Chat / SPARC Suggested Reading List
Sep 19, 2020, 07:22:37 AM
Anyone know when the suggested reading list was last updated?

I'm dealing with PAS and need latest information. PAS is a relatively new issue that is more and more recognized in family courts. Looks like things are changing all the time in regards to this issue.