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Father's Issues / Trying to figure it out
Aug 26, 2008, 05:41:40 PM
Ok here is the story.

My wife and I were separated, I had a girlfriend, she got pregnant, wife and I worked it .. gf strung me along as "father" for 8 months, then within 30 days before delivery cut me out completely and now I haven't seen my daughter and she just turned 6 months.

I filed paternity, got the results and have been confirmed the father, I have a lawyer however it seems I am being treated poorly. I have a record, from when I WAS 18 - over 12 years ago.. I was with some other guys and got charged as a conspirator in their crime.

They have said I am able to get supervised visitation however there is NO actual order in play. What do I do? My lawyer seems to want to play nice guy and I am sick of waiting she has played this game for over a year now because I got back with my life. SHE IS PLAYING with a CHILD's life and keeps getting rewarded!