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Hello and thank you for the response.  I had called the National Passport Information Center a few days after I posted my question. 

They basically told me the same thing you recommended.  Their system cannot indicate if the application will go through or not.  I need to apply to find out.  Thanks for the assistance.   
Good day,

My son is 24 yrs old and is emancipated and currently lives in MD.  His mother also currently lives in MD. 

My current child support obligation ended in 2018 but I still owe child support arrearage of about $10K.  The court order in my case from 2011 stipulates I pay this arrearage with $300 per month.  I have been paying this $300 per month religiously since 2011.

I need to renew my U.S. passport and I am wondering if there is a way (i.e. via a website or phone number) to check if my passport renewal application will be denied because I still owe over $2,500 in child support arrearage.

FYI - I had my last / now expired passport for the last 10 yrs and it was never revoked or cancelled.  I also did not have any issues traveling with it in & out of the U.S.

I would appreciate feedback or comments from anyone that has been through a similar experience.  Thank you.     
Dear Socrateaser / Re: Passport Denial Question
Oct 20, 2011, 07:39:21 PM
Thank you for the response.
Dear Socrateaser / Passport Denial Question
Sep 27, 2011, 06:19:15 PM

I would appreciate it if anyone has any experience with this issue or can suggest a course of action.

I currently have a CS Order in the State of Maryland.  I also have CS Arrearage that is more than $5,000.  The CS Order orders me to pay a specific amount for current support plus an additional amount for the arrearage.  Both amounts are automatically deducted from my pay check every month.

I recently tried to renew my passport and I received a letter of denial stating that 'because I owe CS more than $5,000', my renewal application is being denied until I show evidence or prove otherwise.  I think the CS Enforcement Agency included my name on the Certified List after I became unemployed a few years ago and I defaulted on the CS payments.

My question is - 1.  If you have a Court ordered payment towards the arrearage that you are paying per month, does this still constitute enough reason to have your passport denied?

2.  If the answer to my question above is 'No' then can you pls advise on how to proceed?  Thank you.
Hi, I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.  The custodial mother of my son is exhibiting some irrational behavior and one of her younger siblings confided in me that she has been prescribed with some psychological related drugs.  She lives in Maryland.  Does anyone know how I can subpoena her mental or psychological records?  Thank you.    
Good day,

My question is - Can the Maryland Child Support Dept find out where I am currently working / my current employer?  If they can, how do they accomplish this exactly?

I have asked this question not to try to evade paying Child Support but to maintain my professional integrity.


I currently live in one of the MidWest states and the custodial parent (i.e. mother) lives in Maryland with our son.  Based on Court orders, I am supposed to make Child Support payments through the Maryland Dept of Social Services which I do.  I actually make these payments voluntarily (when I am between jobs) or through my employer when I am employed.  However, whenever I do change jobs, the custodial parent (i.e. mother) incessantly calls and subpoenas my employer for salary and personal info.  This has got quite embarrassing and out of hand recently because she actually called the Vice President of the company to ask / discuss my employment situation.  I have petitioned the Court to stop this crazy behaviour but I have been unsuccessful.

So as I asked earlier, if I change jobs and not inform the Maryland Child Support Dept or the custodial parent of my new employer, can the Maryland Dept of Child Support find out where I am working?  If they can, how will they do it?

Thank you.