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     HI, My name is Justin Cage. I am a 20 yr old Non-custodial Father  in Jackson,MS. My son was taken right out of my arms and that was the last time I saw him. His mother and I had came to an agreement. Even though we were no longer together, we would continue to live together and engaged in activities for the sake of the child. This was before he was born. We did just as we agreed. Once she started working, things began to change. She now wanted to go out instead of spending time with our son. He was a year old at this time. I had worked two jobs while attending school, yet i never had a problem finding time for him as well. I quit my second job and found myself being the most dominant parent, the one he depended on the most. Meanwhile, she'd leave town for days at a time and stayed running the streets with friends when she was around. The only time he saw her was when it was time to sleep. In August 2008, she told my mother and her mother as well that she no longer wanted him, she said that she was tired and wasn't mentally prepared for him. I was confused on how she was tired, but I rushed home from school so that the three of us(She, My mom, and I) could talk about what was going on. We agreed that I would continue to take full responsibility for him and that my mom would have him during the day while I was at school and work. Being that she had become abusive, she no longer had him at all or as little as possible. She was now ready to move back to Memphis and be with her family in late September. She called her grandmother(her and her mother weren't that close because she wanted more attention that she was getting) and told her grandmother that she was ready, but her grandmother said that she couldn't come without him. Therefore, she didn't. Then she decided that she might move to New Orleans with a girlfriend, but then came back a week later with all her bags. That didn't work either. In late October she started to act really strange. She started wanting him to sleep with her again and feed him and spend a little time with him. I thought this was a good thing, being that I was raised in a two parent home, i saw that to be the only way to raised a child. On November 7, 2008 she came into my mom's room and told her that her grandfather was coming into town, she claimed that she had no idea why but seemed happy. My saw this as a warning sign, he only came around on holidays or when he was called to come. I told my mom that I something was fishy about this but she said everything would be okay and not to pay them any attention. I walked to the barber the next day, just as I had planned with my son. After about 45 minutes of waiting, my son's mother walked in and looked puzzled that we were still in line waiting. I told her that we were next,but she said that they had to go then. She began to explain that her grandfather had swung in town for a few hours and wanted to take them out to eat before he left for Memphis again. I was hesitant, but I went again and said Okay. Then, i asked her where they were going and she told Me I.H.O.P and then told my son to tell me bye as she pulled him from my arms. That was the last time I saw either one of them. It wasn't until Thanksgiving day that I was called and told where they were. She was with her grandmother and her grandmother wanted me to send his birth certificate and social security card so that they could get benefits for him. I never did! I sent clothes, diapers, toys, and other general needs and instead. I talked to this lady almost every night and every night she demanded the same thing. December 18th was the final day that she asked for anything. I had finally been able to get a hold of my son and talk to him. His vocabulary had grown a little. He knew how I was and we were both ecstatic. It had been over a month since he was taken from my arms. The grandmother and I had talked slightly before she passed him the phone and she demanded the birth certificate and social security card and I refused she threatened me by telling me that she would bring her oldest son down to take it from me and cursed about how she isn't going to continue to beg anyone for anything(but with alot of foul words inbetween). Then, she told him mother that he had talked to me enough and to take the phone away. His mother this got on the phone to say goodnight and I never talked to either of them for another month. Then, in January, we were told of how they had been put out of her grandmother's home, her father's home, her cousin's home, and then her mother's home(she same mother that she hated). They were now living with her sister, that was six months pregnate in a one bedroom apartment. Her sister called every other day so that we could talk to him and sent us pictures dailey. They also told us of how his mother wouldn't do anything for him and that they would soon have to send him to us by february. In February we waited and waited and they came up with a different story every weekend until they finally set a date. They never came. Then, we got a call that the sister had put them out as well and that they were now living with the grandfather that took them from here. They are also planning to move to Texas and she is now fighting for assistance. My mom has tried to get help from legal aid, yet no response. We've also tried getting a lawyer, he agreed to help us and then said he'd call back, but no response. Can anyone help us, or reccommend us to someone that could help. IF so, please call....
                                             Justin Cage- 769 232 8319
                                 or    Linda Cage Walker- 769 251 4008

Thanks In Advance,
Justin D. Cage

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