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I'm a single father unemployed since 2003,.I am currently on child support for both of my kids,.i have a 16 yr old daughter,.an a 11 yr old son,..currently im bein sued by child support,..and they ordered me to pay $1,800 by Dec.17th,.or jail time,.and at the same time im on child support for my son to,..they just sent me a letter,.saying that i have to pay them $2,500 by nov.12, can they do this at the same time?...

And I already stated to them that im currently unemployed,..hell i even asked them if they could help me find work,, life has been in constant erray!..I feel like i don't have a life anymore,.and just for the case!..

I have taken care of my daughter since she was a baby,..ive always been there for her when she needed me, also a music producer,..but that has'nt been paying the bills,..Im currently staying with my mother helping her out,..she'z very sick,..and needs help everyday, not only do i not have a job,..

im taking care of my mother,.and i keep my daughter every 2 weeks,.and sometimes she stays 4-6 days with me,..and that requires money that i dont have,..but i do what i can do just to see her and keep her close to me in my life,..and i even told my public defender that my daughter is'nt even staying with her mother,.she stays with her step-father and she did'nt even tell me, daughter told me, is it that she can still get child support if my daughter is'nt living with her?...I dont have money for a lawyer, how can i resolve this issue and regain my dignity as a man?...