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Shrink Rap / Borderline Personality Disorder
Jul 25, 2007, 01:24:00 PM
Okay, now you have talked about Narcissistic personality disorder how about Borderline Personality Disorder? What are your recommendations in co-parenting with someone who has this disorder? Both my ss's bm has this disorder and my dd's bf has this disorder. My husband and I have sole custody of both children which really helps. We have learned to set boundaries as hard as this can be because they want to break any boundary you have set. And we do all communication in writing with ss's bm so we can prove what was actually said. Any other advice?
General Issues / RE: Thank you!
Jul 25, 2007, 12:57:04 PM
>I had no idea that some girls have died from complications
>due to this vaccine.
>Unfortunately some states are thinking about making this
>vaccine mandatory at a certain age.  

Actually many states had mandated it and others were considering it. However due to the risk factors and reactions so far to the vaccine they have rescinded the mandate and it is not longer mandatory in those states.
Visitation Issues / RE: Good decision
Jul 25, 2007, 12:40:19 PM
You may want to file for clarification on this issue to be sure in the future.
Visitation Issues / RE: ncp not giving medication
Aug 04, 2006, 11:44:33 AM
Yes asthma is definitly life threatening. We wrote her another letter compelling her to give him his meds. We have emails from her at different times saying that she forgot to send it to us for our visits during her half of the summer. And she forgot to send it back for our half of the summer hence the reason why she has an inhaler at her house to give him. We are going to contact our attorney on Monday to see about filing an emergency petition.
Visitation Issues / ncp not giving medication
Aug 04, 2006, 09:19:52 AM
My dh has sole custody of my ss. This is the result of a very long hard custody battle. One of the many reasons bm lost custody was because she was incorrectly handling my ss's asthma and meds. Well she is now refusing to give him his meds during her overnights with him. What can we do about this? Does anyone know of any case law regarding this issue?

Custody Issues / RE: go read..
Oct 10, 2007, 09:11:36 AM
I would absolutely go ahead and file for permanent custody. It will take months to get into court anyway and by that time it will have been the six months the other poster was talking about. We filed for emergency temp custody and at the same time filed for permanent. We had the hearing for temp and set a later date for permanent. The permanent hearing process is seperate from the temporaray. I would ask for regular alcohol and drug testing to be done to make sure she is staying clean. It is true that a judge will put things back the way they were if she cleans up her act under temp custody. However the longer your child is in your custody the more likely it is to retain that custody. I would consult an attorney about your options. Check into legal aid. And if you still need to represent yourself because you don't qualify some attorneys will work with you to give you advice on how to handle things in court, file things etc.. for a lower fee. I would check into all of your options right now. And the more physical evidence you have (ie: paper trail, police records, mental health records, medical records, phone records, etc... the more credible your case will be.)