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I guess my story is long but the bottom line is I gave up joint custody of my girls, 7 and 5, last year.  I wasn't on drugs, I haven't suffered a mental breakdown, and I am not more concerned with my new husband and life than with my daughters -- but this is what people think.  My kids were going back and forth 2x or more a week in a 50/50 arrangement.  It was a difficult situation for everyone, and I decided that my children living in one home consistently especially during the school week was crucial to their feeling of stability and ability to deal with all the changes they were experiencing.  My ex wouldn't let them be with me as the primary parent, so I offered it to him.  It has been a terrible sacrifice on my part, but I refuse to let anyone but my husband see that it pains me deeply, because it was my choice to divorce my ex, and the sacrifice for my children is my own cross to bear.  Is there anyone else out there that has chosen to give up time with their kids for their benefit, or am I a freak of nature? :-\