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'I talked with my lawyer and their are no grounds to deny my parenting time. CPS ( has told me that they have no issues with me exercising my parenting time as the court order ( trumps all.  Mom says she can still use these allegations to deny my parenting time because that's what cps and her lawyer told her. So apparently CPS has told mom one thing, and told me the exact opposite.

I sent mom a text yesterday stating if I lose any parenting time will she allow make-up parenting time? she did not respond all day. they she called, saying she wasn't sure. then it was her only weekend of the month and how I have every weekend. I also responded by saying it has been 10 days since I have seen or heard from the child.

I also came up with a plan to have child spend the weekend at her friends house. The parents are close friends of mine and mom has never had an issue with them before. I could visit and have all safeguards in place so mom would feel at ease. CPS agreed this would be a good idea. mom then said she would leave it up to the child which child is claiming to not want to go. The last thing I really want to do is make a bad situation worse by having a already upset child  start kicking and screaming to avoid leaving to go have fun with her friends.'

Sounds like scare tactics on BM's part.  DH's ex did the same thing the first Christmas we had SS after DH and I got together.  She threatened to call the cops if we didn't return SS by X-mas evening, when we were supposed to have him until 2 days after.  Thank goodness for SPARC, because I KNEW that the cops wouldn't get involved.  She sure had DH completely stressed out.....he was certain that the cops would come to our door and take SS away if we didn't take him back that night.  We kept him and, after BM called the sheriff's office, the deputy told her she needed to contact her atty.

As for the kicking and screaming part.....if you've NEVER seen this kind of behavior in your child previous to this, and you saw her 9 days ago and she was fine then, I think that's another scare tactic BM is using.  She would have to be doing some SERIOUS brainwashing in a short amount of time with some pretty horrific stories to cause the child to refuse to go.  Either that or she's promising Disneyland (or some other event that the child would be really excited to go to).  Otherwise, IMO I think she's blowing smoke on that one....
Visitation Issues / Re: Recording during exchange
Aug 27, 2015, 12:58:18 PM
I like that, MB!  Kill 'em with kindness! ;D
That's weird....from the link, I'm able to print.  If I can find it again, I'll share it with you on FB.....   :)
Found this on Facebook...thought it might be valuable here....
I would consider this advice of what NOT to do regarding child custody. :P
Custody Issues / Re: React or not?
Jun 03, 2015, 07:27:57 AM
And if she continues to push issues at exchanges (regardless of recording or not), you can ask local law enforcement for a stand-by at the exchange point.  I gather you live in a very small community (so do I) and local LE, whether it be a deputy or town cop, are more likely to do a stand-by than more urban agencies.  Usually a cop parked in the same parking lot, even if it's 50 yards away, can be a huge deterrent for bad behavior.   ;)
He does, MB....but they're inexperienced.  I agree with Ocean, in that at least one appt. with an experienced atty. might give him a better idea whether he's on the right track.
Your atty. has to file a subpoena for that documentation, since it's YOUR side who is requesting them.  Judges don't do that, as far as I know.
Custody Issues / Re: Moving away from father
Apr 15, 2015, 07:18:57 AM
Some things to keep in you're not surprised if it does happen.  Since you are the one looking to move away, it's possible the courts may require you to pay all or part of transportation costs regarding visitation.  And, depending on who you get for a judge, they may say you're free to go, but the kids have to stay...unless the father agrees to the move.  Regarding CS, if you have to turn to state aid for assistance with the kids, the state WILL go after the father for CS. There may be variations from state to state, but it's highly likely some version of this will come into play when state assistance is requested.
Sounds like she got fired and doesn't want anyone to know.  May be why she's not able to provide proof.  You might want to ask her for her 'pink slip'.....and see how she reacts.   ;)  JK!