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Visitation Issues / Question about contact during visitation
« on: Aug 28, 2012, 12:10:17 PM »
My stepdaughter has a cell phone that is paid for by my in laws.  During her visit with us this summer her mother and her mother's boyfriend would text her non stop all day every day.  Then they would want to skype with my step daughter and tell her to walk around my house and show them everything.  If my step daughter didn't text back right away her mom would tell her that it made her worry and make my stepdaughter feel bad.  I am not talking about a couple of texts I mean a minimum of 50-100 texts a day.  When I asked my stepdaughter about it she told me she felt like she had to respond because if not her mom would think she didn't love her.  So I allowed it during this visit but I am considering having the phone suspended for future visits because of the stress that it caused everyone.  This continued when my stepdaughter was visiting my inlaws for a week.  What options do we have as far as this continuing?  I really don't want to suspend her phone because her friends text her on it as well. 
We do not do this when she is with her mother because we do not feel like it is fair to her.  I never text my stepdaughter because her mother would lose it if I did and her dad does but doesn't expect an immediate response because he knows his daughter has activities for school and she is busy.  The one time my stepdaughter skyped with her dad and her mom found out her mom threw a fit and pouted telling my stepdaughter that because she talked to her dad she didn't love her mom.  The mother calmed down when my sd gave her hugs and kisses and kept telling her she loved her.  What do we do?

Texas State Forum / I can't understand.
« on: Aug 28, 2012, 11:54:06 AM »
I have lived on both sides of this subject.  I was a single mom who received minimum child support because for me it was more important that my child have a relationship with his father, he didn't but I didn't want to interfere with that.  I am also a step mother to two children who have a very involved father who pays way too much in child support and still has to spend at least two thousand dollars in travel expenses every time we see his children.  When will the state of Texas catch on that yes there needs to be support but at the same time emotional support is just as important as monetary support?

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