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I am look ,he used to be in the military and his bday is April 9 1954 .If you know him then ,,PLEASE,,PLEASE,, let me know!! Its my dad whom.. until this year i had never seen even a pic of . Thanks to craiglist posts I have finally seen his yearbook picture from "Flint Central High School Class of 72" from "facebook" (  :( ,before he went into the military (when i was born in 1978) he lived in Flint Michigan..any help would be more than appreciated!!
P.S. not hunting him for any other reason than just to get to know where the"other half " of me came most knowing there father is "a given"..but for me it is but a "vague dream"
I got hold of his sister (Jan Skinner) who is looking for him as well..I recentley found out found out he was in desert sheild if any1 knows him or has photos of him it would mean the world to me!!!!