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Been supervise for 9 years by court order by my aunt and uncle. They never want him to spend weekends or summers with me like his brothers do so I requested a supervised visitation center so progress can be made. Just need some comforting words to hear.
Ok thanks
Plus on top of all that they strip search me and my luggage before I can even come into their house. I guess I went through all is that because I dearly love my kids
I live 90 miles for one is 1500 miles from one another. But they doesnt bother me. but I think it will be a good idea for us to meet at a mutual place.he keep lying on me thinking that I would just give up but I'm not.and to top it all off he's supposed to be a dedicated Christian
then we went to see my grandma in the hospital.I had to leave soon because I was still grieving over my eldest son who passed away at 21 due to I went outside to get some air.they say they will be right down.I stayed there for I went for a started to get dark in rain.then my uncle called me and said he was going to call the police and tell them I'm suicidal.I was far from that.I was very happy to be with my boys and go to a graduation they told my husband he couldn't go to the uncle be at 400 pounds is very intimidating and the police believe him.koalas locked away for nearly two weeks and missed the graduation.also my uncle convince my 15 year old that for him not to spend the summer with me.I forgive them but I just don't know how are visitations are going to be from now on.I had to move because my uncle called the police on me for many years if he can contact me by phone. what to do what to do? I know my kid loves me very much and show it
well this summer I was treated very horribly by my own family.I have four sons and all are unsupervised visits except for aunt and uncle have my 14 year old.I've been having supervised visitations unnecessarily with him for 12 long years.well this year my 15 year old son travel 1500 miles to visit me for the summer.when my aunt and uncle heard about that the games and my 15 year old went to visit my 14 year old for his graduation.the complaining start ed. they didn't want me in their car.they didn't want me selling my candy to bring food in the house.they didn't want me going outside not even the backyard.they locked me from the inside of the house for 2 days....
 :'( help I need someone to talk to. Was treated horribly this Summer