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So two years ago I took my son from ny state and left the state  after my husband threatened my life for custody. That was in 2013. Three days ago. Feb 2016, I found out that in  2014 he was awarded sole custody of my son. Now, I was never served, informed, or contacted by him or any law official ( including a proper sapena to court) about this matter. Due to my absence of this unknown affair he was awarded custody. Now we are still married and I found out that he served papers to his mother's house ( my last known residence to him) and the papers were received by either his mother or sister, yet I was still not informed. Now... 2016 ( found out by legal aid that was trying to help me gain a divorce due to abuse) he has filed violation of custody/visitation rights. Yet again, that had no knowledge of to begin with. Upon calling a new York attorney, Free legal advice hotline,  I was told to request a traverse hearing.... One I'm unsure how to do that. Two I'm in need of more advice on how to present  abuse  to the courts since I'll be going through the courts by phone.
Will my abuser get away with this even when I have medical records, dental records, and physical(still seen) scars from the abuse? I'm more scared for my son. He wont survive in the hands of a man like this. What do I do?