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Jun 19, 2024, 10:14:03 PM

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The Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank (RISB)

By grouping and evaluating the responses an evaluator can make some judgements about your psychological state of mind. This test, originally developed in 1950, is widely used in a variety of evaluations. There are many variations on this kind of test, with some tests specifically geared toward testing sex offenders and other behaviorally dysfunctional persons.

The Rotter Incomplete Sentence test typically has 40 questions that you are required to complete. Sample questions similar to those on the standard Rotter test are shown below, with some "typical" responses following the sentence "stems".

Keep in mind that the sample responses shown are just examples, no claim is made that these are the "best possible" (read: "healthy") responses. The responses shown were not scored, so their ranking and acceptability are unknown. Nonetheless, they should be able to serve as an example of the kind of responses that could reasonably be expected.

Generally, you want to give neutral or slightly positive completion sentences, but not overly positive or optimistic responses and certainly no clearly "negative" responses, either.

It is considered acceptable to allude to current stresses in your life, but not to the point of excluding positive responses to all of the sentences.

The Rotter Sentence Completion Stems are similar to the sentence stems shown below. (The examples shown below are NOT the actual sentence stems used in the Rotter test blank, we're precluded from using those by copyright law, but these examples should illustrate what they are like.)
  • If only I could...feel more hopeful about things.
  • People I know...are usually fair and honest.
  • I can always...talk things out with someone.
  • I think guys...are less emotional than girls.
  • What makes me sad is...not being able to see my kids.
  • I think girls...were mysterious to me in High School.
  • My father...would always listen to what I had to say.
  • Where I live...is quiet and peaceful.
  • My mother was the type . . .who always took care of her family.
  • My health is...generally very good.
  • I always like to...go for walks in the sun.

Hopefully, you get the idea. Keep your responses "'middle of the road", don't express any intense hate or dislike for your ex, and focus somewhat on your family.

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