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Jun 15, 2024, 04:36:10 AM

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Review Of The ''Win Child Custody'' Video

The SPARC staff tried to contact the author and the company that distributes the "Win Child Custody" video to obtain a copy for review purposes. The company that produces and distributes the video would not return our phone calls, refused to respond to our e-mails, and were generally unresponsive to our requests. We never did hear back from them. We finally had to write a review that said we couldn't recommend it, based on our inability to get a copy as well as the lack of any response whatsoever from the company.

Recently, though, some nice person we know loaned us a copy of the "Win Child Custody" video, so we're finally able to review it. For those of you waiting with breathless anticipation, we'll cut right to the chase: This video is dreadful. It was so poorly "produced" we were literally unable to sit through the entire thing.

The video, apparently shot on location in the living room of the narrator, Daryll Hand, consists of a series of one-after-another 'headshots' of Mr. Hand talking about various custody issues. The soundtrack was faint, hollow, and laden with extraneous sounds; you'll hear dogs barking, babies crying, cars going by, and people dialing phones in the background- a veritable sound-effects festival. You're also treated to video of Mr. Hand coughing here and there. The lighting ranges from adequate to atrocious in the different 'scenes'.

To be fair, Mr. Hand did cover some key custody issues, but there is nothing in this video that couldn't be found in the average good book on divorce. The video also ships with a half-dozen badly photocopied pages that are supposed to be some sort of outline of the key points in the video, but they don't really add any value to the package. Much of what is related in the video is just common sense, for example 'Don't do drugs during your custody battle'.

We cannot recommend the "Win Child Custody" video, based on cost and content. What we suggest instead is obtaining one or more of the books on the SPARC Recommended Reading List. The books listed are considered by SPARC to be the 'best of the best' in divorce and custody reference material.

Because we have to fill this space at the bottom of the page template, we rate the Win Child Custody video as a 1-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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