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Jun 15, 2024, 03:12:28 AM

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Review Of The ''Witness Guide''

Available from Amazon.com at this link: Witness guide for deposition or court""
, or from Pale Horse Publishing, PO BOX 1447, Livingston, TX 77360-1447 (409) 967-8970.

In the "Witness Guide", author C. Hardwick has written an invaluable manual on the "art" of testifying. With practical advice on clothing, appearance, demeanor and behavior, the Guide covers the subject comprehensively, something we've come to expect from the author, who has also written "Win Your Custody War", the "bible" of custody battle advice and guidance.

With 17 chapters, the Guide covers everything from "What Is A Witness?" to "Perjury" and "Deposition", to name just a few. Since the Guide is written in a semi-formal tone, it's easy to read and understand. Author Hardwick explains everything in plain language with plenty of examples.

The Guide covers common "traps" that the opposing attorney may set for you, including an explanation of how the trap works, why its use may be improper, and some good sample responses to these traps. Understanding this section will give you a powerful advantage in court. The opposing counsel won't be able to intimidate you (something they count on), and this all by itself will throw them off balance.

Most of the information in the Guide can be found in "Win Your Custody War". If you already have "Win Your Custody War", the Guide may be redundant for you, however it would be an excellent book to give to anyone who may have to testify for you. We also found the material in the Guide to be slightly more detailed than the material in "Win Your Custody War".

The Guide has a fifty-one page Glossary that describes and defines many legal terms relevant to court proceedings. You can actually get quite an education just by reading the Glossary. As with the rest of the Guide, the Glossary is written for the layman and keeps legal jargon to a minimum.

At only $15.00, we think the "Witness Guide" is a bargain. If only one of the tips in the Guide is put to use, you'll have gotten your money's worth.

Based on price as well as content, we rate the Witness Guide as a 5-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5)

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