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Jun 15, 2024, 05:06:35 AM

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Review of ''The Predatory Female''

The first thing you should know about The Predatory Female is that it's written tongue-in-cheek- but just barely. Written by the Rev. Lawrence Shannon, The Predatory Female is a crushingly frank and funny look at the way some women go about the process of dating, mating, marrying, and divorcing.

Every man who has been involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with this kind of woman will wince with painful remembrance as Rev. Shannon details the behavior of the typical 'predatory female'. It's likely that you'll experience a strong sense of deja vu as you read through The Predatory Female.

Although written in a humorous tone, much of what Rev. Shannon writes is indeed the truth these days. Because this book is not politically correct, it is all but guaranteed to enrage feminists, gold-diggers, starry-eyed brides-to-be, and, of course, predatory females.

Brutally straightforward, The Predatory Female would make a wicked gift for any man contemplating marriage. Be warned, however, that giving this book to your friend will make you an instant pariah in the eyes of his girlfriend or wife. (Unless, of course, it was mailed to him anonymously...) It may be worth it though, to save a friend from the impending train-wreck of a bad marriage and the hideous divorce that will follow.

A couple of excepts from The Predatory Female are representative of its truth-mixed-with-humor format:

'Breaking Cover'
Q: My girlfriend recently became extremely upset when I didn't leave what she considered an "appropriate" tip at a restaurant. She accused me of being cheap, and later, a tightwad. She said I "embarrassed" her. Is this an indication of a dangerous predatory female?

A: When a woman makes any kind of remark to the effect that you are stingy, remember that this is a way of declaring her expertise at spending someone else's money (probably yours).

'Trial Run'
Q: Is it possible to sample real marriage without the hideous commitment?

A: Fortunately, yes. Simply purchase a five hundred pound Bengal tiger and keep it in the backyard. Support it, feed it, and mount it. See for yourself if you are cut out for married life.

The Predatory Female is a lot of fun to read- snappy and fast-paced, with equal portions of humor and truth on every page (and sometimes it's hard to tell which is which, frankly). Although we primarily review books with practical applications in divorce and custody issues, we feel that The Predatory Female is well worth the money. As mentioned earlier, the book is written tongue-in-cheek, but just barely. Makes a perfect wedding gift, although by then it's probably too late.

Based on price (low) as well as content (funny yet practical), we rate The Predatory Female as a 4-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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