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May 26, 2024, 10:50:23 AM

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Review of ''Custody For Fathers''

Custody For Fathers is is sub-titled "A practical guide through the combat zone of a brutal custody battle" and it's obvious the authors speak from personal as well as professional experience. Carleen and Michael Brennan have put together an excellent guide for anyone who is facing or who is in the midst of a custody dispute, but especially so for fathers, who are often shortchanged in Family and Domestic courts.

Divided into seventeen comprehensive chapters, Custody For Fathers covers virtually all the bases. An especially useful section is Chapter 13 - "Moms - Dirty Tricks". This chapter outlines most of the classic 'dirty tricks' that some parents will pull in their effort to gain custody at any cost, including denying contact, frustrating counseling/mediation efforts, and filing false criminal charges. These and a number of other commonly used 'dirty tricks' are covered, and for each maneuver, Carleen and Michael Brennan provide a practical 'counter-maneuver'. This chapter alone could easily be worth the cost of the book.

Another very useful section is Chapter 4 - "Basic Strategies and Tactics". This chapter is a superb guide to get you started off on the right foot, and to help you plan your overall strategy. Having a basic strategy is a crucial part of any divorce and custody dispute- without one, you will be at the mercy of your ex, opposing counsel, and the court system. Not having a basic strategy is like setting off on a trip blindfolded, without a map and without knowing where you want to go- you could end up somewhere good but the chances are against it.

The only criticism we have (and it's a minor one) is that the list of "Father's Resources" in Chapter 17 is a bit thin, although there are enough resources listed to get you started. Tragically, the SPARC web site isn't listed. We hope this will be remedied in the next release. :)

A careful reading of Custody For Fathers will arm you with the tools and techniques needed to navigate your way through the perilous waters of Family and Domestic court. The authors have done a commendable job of assembling a solid compendium of information, devoid of any 'fluff' or filler. We can recommend Custody For Fathers without reservation.

Based on price (low) as well as content (practical and useful), we rate Custody For Fathers as a 4-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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