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May 26, 2024, 10:46:50 AM

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Review of the ParentingTime.net Custody Tracker

A review of the OPTIMAL Custody Tracker from ParentingTime.net.

The OPTIMAL Parenting Time Tracker: You either love it, or you haven't seen it yet.

OPTIMAL is a "must have" for any parent involved in divorce and custody issues. 'OPTIMAL' stands for Online Parenting Time Information Manager and Access Log. OPTIMAL is similar to SPARC's own Parenting Time Tracker (PTT), but is much more advanced. The OPTIMAL system is well thought out and complete, containing a powerful custody tracking application as well as a number of other useful tools.

OPTIMAL provides clear, understandable graphs of how parenting time was allocated, missed or denied, and the graphs are custom-designed to be used in court. Since the tool is web-based, no special software is required- just point your browser to the site, login, and start recording events, notes, and other items related to parenting time. OPTIMAL works with nearly any modern browser, as well as iPads, smart phones, etc.

OPTIMAL can monitor compliance with your custody arrangement (including temporary orders) and can show interference with your parenting time, including late drop-offs, missed pickups, denied visits, etc. In addition to recording the start and stop times for every visitation period, OPTIMAL also provides places to record notes, expenses, the children's moods, other people present, and numerous other items of interest.

One very useful item that OPTIMAL tracks is "Non-Parental Time". This is time when the child isn't with either parent (such as time in school, daycare, etc). This time can be extremely useful in court or negotiations comparing the actual time that each parent has direct responsibility for the child. (This can also be important in a custody evaluation.)

Keeping track of all these things would be difficult and time-consuming to do in a spreadsheet or notebook, but the OPTIMAL tool arranges these items logically and fills in many of them for you automatically. During our testing, a typical entry could be done in just a couple of minutes.

OPTIMAL has many more features than we can cover in a simple review. For a detailed look at OPTIMAL, visit theParentingTime.net site and look under the "Features" section or try the online demo.

OPTIMAL is an outstanding tool that gives you a lot of bang for the buck. The OPTIMAL system is the most effective way to track custody, and we prefer it over any other method available. We endorse OPTIMAL as an excellent value, and as a useful and powerful tool for use in any custody dispute.

Based on price (low) as well as utility (high), we rate the OPTIMAL Custody Tracker as a 5-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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