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Apr 12, 2024, 04:55:15 AM

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Some "deadbeats" are made, not born.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Take a look and see if you agree.

3/15/89 Divorce finalized in MA - CS set at $532.50/wk
4/??/89 Monica removes w/ children to PA
5/24/89 I'm laid off from work
6/15/89 CS Order issues for $530/wk
7/13/89 Temporary reduction in CS ordered to $100/wk while unemployed
9/ 8/89 Monica writes MA court requesting transfer of case to PA
2/28/90 Start work in CA and inform MA of same now earning $1134/wk gross ($712/wk take home)
3/10/90 I write Chief Justice requesting transfer of case to PA
3/15/90 MA sets new order to $532.50/wk + $16.15 medical ins = $548.65 -(48% of gross; 77% of take home)
3/21/90 Wage assignment put in place at 548.65/wk (leaving me $165/wk on $60,000/yr salary)
3/23/90 I hire Atty in MA to try to fix CS
4/??/90 Am informed by MA Atty that MA won't hear the motion for lack of Jurisdiction
5/4/90 Hire PA Atty to bring motion for reduction in CS
6/25/90 Motion for reduction in PA denied - Monica objected to Jurisdiction
7/23/90 Try to register Foreign Support Order in CA so as to move to reduce
8/7/90 Receive letter from Chief Justice in MA that: "under UCCS laws, nothing need happen in MA to move case to PA"
8-10/x/90 Monica fights me registering Foreign Support Order in CA - legal wrangling.
10/1/90 I resign from job in CA unable to support myself, Company decides not to abide by wage assignment as Support Order not registered in CA.
10/10/90 CA denies me filing Foreign Support Order citing Floyd 43 C.2d 379
10/??/90 I get CA & PA guidelines and pay according to those ~ $1000/month


7?/??/94 Monica returns to MA - earning $45,000/yr plus overtime (plus tax free CS)
11/15/94 Monica files for contempt on presumed $83,363.65 "arrearages"
3/15/95 "Arrearages" negotiated to $46,384 + $3100 of her lawyer fees, "agreed" upon CS now $395.67/wk.
3/22/96 I get laid off. Start receiving unemployment at $230/week I stop paying CS pending resetting CS commensurate with income
4/ 8/96 I file for temporary reduction while unemployed
5/ 8/96 Boston Constable tries to serve Monica papers at work Monica hides from service behind locked door at Psych unit, VA Hospital Constable leaves paperwork with co-worker who assures will give to Monica
5/23/96 Hearing on my motion - Monica says not properly served. No resolution
6/14/96 Serve Monica thru her Atty
7/15/96 Monica accepts service
8/xx/96 Monica's Atty wants to negotiate - negotiations ensue
9/ 8/96 I write Monica's Atty seeking documentation of her claimed income & expenses
9/30/96 Unemployment runs out
10/9/96 Not having rec'd an answer, I offer to split the difference. No answer
8/14/97 Monica files Motion for Contempt and $18,330 new arrearages & atty's fees.
9/18/97 I respond with documentation that: I am unemployed, without income, without assets of any kind, wasn't properly served, and have prior motion before them 10/24/97 I am found in contempt with arrears raised to $67,637.41
4/??/98 MA makes me "Deadbeat of the Month"
5/18/98 I get arrested on Felony Non-Support - MA wants to extradite me from CA
5/20/98 Arraignment hearing - I do not waive extradition,released on bail (friends raise bond) now still unemployed, without income or assets; arrearages rising at $320.50/week

Monica still earning presumed $50k-$60k/year

In my opinion, this isn't a "deadbeat" dad, this is a "beat dead" dad. Another example of the "Family" Court system at it's finest, turning ordinary fathers in felons and "Deadbeats of the Month".

(This text is part of a larger article from Lee Hunt's web site, used with permission. For the full text, please visit Lee's site at: Lee Hunt's Web site, and also visit his Justice First web site at: www.justicefirst.org.)

Here's another example, found on DivorceNet:

Chronology Of My Life As A Divorce Father
* June 1994: I seperate from M. I live in a room in my brothers home. M receives all income (direct deposit) except $60/wk. I keep the Ford Bronco II and M keeps the Honda Accord and Pontiac.
* November 1994: CS of $190/wk. is established and I rent a beach home (off season).
* Jan. 1995: I replace the engine and have other maintenance done to the Bronco II at a cost of $1900.
* Feb. 1995: CS is increased to $288/wk. Judge awards children (I fought for custody), all vehicles (including Bronco II), and physical assets to M. I take a bus to Mass. to borrow a friends car.
* Apr. 1995: I am evicted from beach home because I can't afford rent. I move back to room at my brothers.
* May 1995: I purchase 1975 17-foot family camper from M for $750. I pay a former classmate $1100 to live at his campground for the season.
* Aug. 1995: My friend's car breaks down. My company rents a car for me and also announces the sale of my division to be completed in Jan. of 1996.
* Oct. 1995: The camping season ends and I move into an dilapidated apartment with a friend. He pays the majority of rent.
* Nov. 1995: CS is reduced to $260 and M gives me ownership of Bronco II.
* Jan. 1996: Company sold. All stock options to expire and old company arranges loan so I can exercise them rather then lose them.
* Feb. 1996: M steals my mail including a client statement for the stocks I purchased. I begin dating A.
* July 1996: New company to move to New York in July of 1997. Employees must decide by Sept. whether to go or not.
* Sept. 1996: I inform company that because of my children I will not make the move and I will take the severance package in July.
* Oct. 1996: Sales position within my company becomes available. If I get it I can work from home. I interview.
* Jan. 1997: Roommate buys a home. I move into another apartment with girlfriend A. She pays majority of rent.
* Feb. 1997: I am chosen for sales position. One week later I'm told that they want to interview more candidates.
* Apr. 1997: A final decision is made and I get the job starting in May. My salary remains the same, but I qualify for bonus based on sales.
* May 1997: I start my position in sales. Due to frequent travel I get a company car. I pay for gas for personal travel.
* July 1997: Company moves and I set-up a home office.
* May 1998: My parents build an in-law apartment in their home.
* June 1998: A, boys, and I move into the upstairs of my parents home. The boys now have a yard and bedroom when in my custody.
* Jan. 1999: I purchase my parents home. I take out a loan against my stocks for the down payment. My parents hold the mortgage in exchange for a lease for life.
* Apr. 1999: I am served by my Ex for half of the stocks and an increase in CS.
* May 1999: ???? Judge awards M half of stock and significant increase in CS? Security firm calls in my loan. Unable to make mortgage payments my parents foreclose or come out of retirement to earn more money. SEVERE DEPRESSION OVERTAKES ME AGAIN!!!! I lose my job. The End.

-From Extraordad

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