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Apr 12, 2024, 03:18:17 AM

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A Father's Heartbreak

This is a letter that was recently posted on a Custody and Visitation discussion board. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author. As you read this, keep in mind that tens of thousands of fathers face this kind of situation every single day. The next time you hear some self-righteous N.O.W. parasite babbling on about how "men don't have feelings", or that children "belong with their mothers", remember the pain of this father, and all the fathers like him.

"Well, my brief stint as daddy is done again. I gave him a summer he'll never forget, each and every day we did many of his favorite things, played games, shared thoughts and did educational activities."

"I had a friend visit during the exchange and had a cop (neighbor) aware of the potential problems which could arise. About an hour before his mom was scheduled to show we took a walk together to get ice cream. He rode my shoulders and we talked about what was going to very shortly occur. As we turned to go back down our street towards the house, he asked me to take a long way because he didn't want to get home to what he knew neither of us could prevent. He knew that there was no safe place for him to hide so the summer and our visit wouldn't end."

"When the time came we all handled the exchange well, until his mom put him into the car and the loudest crash of thunder you've ever heard bellowed through the heavens. Our eyes met and that was all it took. In that moment we both knew it would be many, many months before we will be together again and felt the impact of that realization."

"After the car pulled away myself, my wife and our visitor all went into the house and wept. Even looking into his room hurts. I have a box of goodies my son and I picked out together as things he would like to receive in the mail (and the best part is many of them are noisemakers!!)"

"This is the agony of a loving and responsible single dad. Anyone who questions why a man would just walk away from their children need look no further then here and read the heartache I endure because of a small child."


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