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Apr 12, 2024, 04:53:34 AM

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Feminism: Equality, not Emasculation

Patricia Ireland, president of N.O.W. has defined feminism as the radical belief women have rights. Webster Dictionary (1969) defined feminism as simply "the doctrine advocating extension of the activities of women in social and political life." Webster Dictionary (1986) defined it as: "(1) feminine qualities; (2) the principle that women should have political, economic, and social rights equal to those of men; and (3) the movement to win such rights for women."

How did "feminism" get such a grip on societies around the world? One has only to look at our own feminist movement started in the 1960s and how definitions have changed in 17 years. Add gender biased laws passed over the last 12 years rendering males helpless legally.

Propaganda began with "male bashing." Every male had to find his "feminine" side. "Insensitive men" were given politically correct labels which included chauvinist, deadbeat dad, batterer, rapist, and sexual predator.

Media blitzes and pop feminist literature beat up men who worked long hours. Men didn't spend enough time with their children, wives, or girlfriends. A requirement of a good father was mandatory attendance at birthing classes and birth of children. To assure future pop feminist goals, bonding became important for feminists. "Bonding" and "quality time" were new buzz words used by pop feminists.

Fathers experienced fatherhood from a new perspective unknown to their predecessors. It became apparent fathers did make great parents. Soon, pop feminists began using children as pawns and tools to control men.

Criticism, control, and sensitivity indoctrination persisted until almost every male trait was eliminated. Men started exhibiting effeminate traits, and being "male" was no longer socially acceptable.

Effeminate is defined as: "(1) having the qualities generally attributed to woman, as weakness, timidity, delicacy, etc.: unmanly; not virile; (2) characterized by such qualities: weak, soft, decadent, etc. SYN - female.

Fight for equality?
While tearing down male traits, women set out to "fight for equality." "Being fulfilled" was the pop feminist slogan. Women took on male roles and personality traits. Family/children became less important while nurturing and upbringing of children were left to day care centers.

Men tried to conform to a politically correct definition of "male," but it was impossible because the pop feminists kept redefining the term. "Gentlemen" was politically incorrect, and male traits were unacceptable unless they were found in women.

Role reversal took on a more public form of subliminal indoctrination. Politically correct buzz words appeared in TV, newspapers and movies. Extensive media coverage of batterers, rapists, stalkers and "deadbeat dads" made sure of public indoctrination.

Brute presumption
From the 60s to the 80s laws long overdue were passed to protect women. But by the 1990s, these laws had become a way to control men. Men became intimidated and fearful of false allegations. And false allegations rise 80% during a divorce.

During the 70s and 80s, pop feminists adopted the socialist ideology of "brute presumption" in passing and enforcing laws. This socialist philosophy intentionally did not consider all relevant facts or attempt a reasonable balanced decision as put forth in our Constitution.

One good example of brute presumption is false allegations of child abuse and/or domestic violence (Zero Tolerance Laws). Family Court became a place to test how far a woman could take brute presumption. Courts generally go on the sole word of a woman. In most cases, no evidence is required to prove false allegation. Consequently, innocent men are convicted and incarcerated.

The Family Court is the pop feminists' best ally in their creation of a fatherless society, and it is a ferocious battleground leaving carnage all through the halls of justice. A perfect legal forum to control fathers/children emotionally and financially. Men have been reduced to a legally intimidated, frightened, and meek population. Men are afraid of gender-biased laws enforced by an anti-male legal system.

You won't hear on any news about a Family Violence Survey showing almost as many men are abused as women. Same survey shows only 16 percent of families in the U.S. do experience violence, most which takes the form of slapping, shoving, and grabbing by both parties during an argument. What TV network would dare speak these "truths" and incur ultra pop feminist wrath?

Fathers whisper in secret about their fears of being falsely accused and imprisoned. Their lives ruined by pointing of fingers and untruths spoken. Does this sound vaguely familiar - one wrong word and you go to concentration camp?

Political bias
Pop feminists influence a powerful political base. Their goal is to create a "village without fathers." Lobbying is fierce to pass even more gender-biased laws. N.O.W.'s Campaign 2000 slogan is to elect more "real" feminists. Politicians are painfully aware of pop feminist political power.

A major victory for pop feminists is the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) written for women. It includes no protection for men. Example: In many states, a simple yelling match between husband and wife will get the husband thrown in jail, not the wife. Police must arrest even if there is no evidence of violence. Pop feminists certainly have come a long way, baby!

Society seems unwilling to admit men have been reduced to bank accounts, sperm banks, doormats, and innocent criminals. How are children faring in this "feminist utopia" of fatherless homes? Bureau of Census reports 63 percent of child suicides are from fatherless homes. Center for Disease Control reports 85 percent of all children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. National Principals Association Report on The State of High Schools states 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

No, you won't see much media coverage on mothers abusing and killing their children. We must believe "mothers make the best parent." Recent studies show women commit 65 percent of child abuse. No media coverage on "truths" - not pop feminist approved!

Here's another example of socialistic brute presumption. Child Support Enforcement laws allows for no adjustments in payments for "unintentional loss of income/employment" due to unusual circumstances. No evidence is considered in most cases. Fathers are made into felons. No hearing, no trial, no evidence. Remind you of anything?

Deadbeats, or beat dead?
"Deadbeat dads" is one of the most successful buzz words ever created by pop feminists. It sticks in every mind. Labeled as such, fathers are treated as criminals even if they pay their child support. The pop feminist influenced media is unrelenting in reporting inaccurate and false statistics.

Innocent fathers are put in Maximum Security, shackled, cuffed and strip searched for alleged non-payment of child support/arrearage. Many calculations of child support and arrearage have been artificially created by our courts. Child support payments are arbitrarily increased without proof of real income. Increased amounts are backdated. If a father can't pay instantly, he goes to jail. Time in jail means more arrearage.

In many cases, mothers make more money than fathers, making child support a second income to mothers. Another pop feminist accomplishment.

Forty percent of mothers admitted to interfering with visitation to punish fathers, according to a recent study by the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. Non-custodial parents must go to court repeatedly to beg, buy, and sign away their souls in court to have any glimmer of hope of visiting their children. Fathers are controlled by their love for their children. Still, no laws exist to punish "intentional denial of visitation."

Who cares?
Who really cares when our children cry and beg to see their daddies? Children who are put into mental institutions, brutalized, tortured, and sometimes murdered. Children forced to talk to psychiatrists/psychologists who work to help mothers create false memory syndromes.

End results of "best interests of our children" - brainwashed children who hate their fathers. Children forced to tell lies of abuse. Brainwashed children whose mothers constantly and daily reinforce these false memories at home. I thought only P.O.W.s were subjected to tactics! Children forced to rewrite their past eliminating a father they once loved. Manipulated and brainwashed by professionals and mothers, children are forced to recall false memories solely for mothers to win in court. Maintain status quo at all cost of lives - mommy dearest is always the best parent.

Another pop feminist accomplishment. Elimination of male related reference words from vocabularies. Check verbiage in a pension plan, insurance brochure, or other writings for number of times they include any male reference. Commercials today rarely include a "father." How many female reporters versus male reporters are reporting the news?

Our sexual harassment laws make me glad I'm not a man. A man cannot look at, speak to, or God forbid inadvertently brush against a woman's arm. Now, every man must treat women as Chinese royalty - eyes look down at floor, not gaze upon royalty, and wait for an audience to be granted. Completion of males exhibiting effeminate qualities of weakness and timidity.

In the best interests
Physical and verbal bullying by girls in school has increased to epidemic proportions. A new generation of truly radical pop feminists are being indoctrinated. Feminization of our schools has created a new gender gap. Boys are falling behind in school. Girls are making steady gains. Educators fail to recognize, nor care about problems boys are having in school.

Children are suppose to be our greatest assets. Yet they are constantly used by pop feminists, politicians, and attorneys whenever they need to pass a piece of legislation, win an election, raise money or increase their bank accounts. When will we really do what is "best for our children"?

Is this what feminism is all about? Is this what women of the 60s wanted their feminist movement to accomplish? We wanted equality. Not total emasculation of males and destruction of our children.

My definition of Feminism - (1) all parents shall be females; (2) the movement to create a fatherless society, devoid of all male references of any kind; (3) women shall be the only gender to enjoy the right of voting. SYN: Big Brother, Gestapo, Socialism, Communism

We now live in a pop feminist society devoid of morality, democracy, justice, and honesty. Is this our new bridge to the 21st Century? Is this the "village" we want? When will men be men again? When will Fatherhood be restored? When will courts give our children back both parents? When will men speak up and stop "whispering" - huddled and frightened - behind closed doors?

Pearle Harbour is the author of Guerilla "Divorce" Warfare

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