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May 21, 2024, 08:10:19 AM

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4-Phase Parenting Plan

This is a "Four Phase" supervised visitation plan that could be used to gradually modify parenting time, starting with a highly restricted schedule and moving, in methodical steps, to full, unsupervised parenting time without any special restrictions.

This kind of Parenting Plan may be useful in cases where it is claimed that the children are 'fearful' or afraid of the NCP, where false allegations of abuse have been made against the NCP, or where the parent has had no contact with the child for an extended period of time (whether by choice or not).

The four phases are briefly summarized below:

  • Phase 1 This is the initial (and most restrictive) phase of the plan. During this phase all contact and parenting time is fully supervised and no travel is permitted.
  • Phase 2
    In this secondary phase of the plan the supervised parenting time is changed to unsupervised and local travel is limited but allowed.
  • Phase 3
    In the third phase of the plan contact and parenting time is unsupervised and local travel is unrestricted. Additional holiday time is also offered.
  • Phase 4

    In the fourth and final phase, all previous terms and conditions relating to the supervision, restriction, limitation and monitoring of parenting time are removed. The parent is named 'Possessory Conservator' of the child with all attendant rights and duties.
All four phases of the Parenting Plan are provided in MS Word format, and all four documents are bundled in the same ZIP file for your convenience. As with all the sample forms on this site, you will need to modify, add, or delete certain items in the document to conform to your particular circumstances. Specifically, items in [brackets] will need to be edited.

Download The 4-Phase Parenting Plan
4phasepp.zip, ver. 1.0, 23,010 bytes.

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