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Jul 17, 2024, 10:15:31 AM

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sd calling 2 weeks before evaluation

Started by Rane, Jan 02, 2004, 07:22:27 AM

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Dear Dr. D.,
   We have not had any contact with my two step children since dh filed for a reduction in cs in May of 2003, other than the occasional time dh spoke to them on the phone when bm was not home. We have a custody evaluation on Jan. 12. The children have been kept from dh off & on their entire lives.

Last week out of the blue sd called dh and said she wanted to come over and spend the day. This was a child who refused a month ago to speak to him on the phone and had not seen him in 6 mos.

Her mom called later that evening to say sd was sick & would not be coming after all. She was taken to the Dr. because dh went to the Dr. office while they were there.

Now my question is .. do you think this is just a coincidence that we got no visits or phone calls & now right before we go for eval we are getting calls & bm is pretending everything is hunky dory?  or do you think bm is scared she will look bad at evaluation for not allowing contact?


Dr. D

Dear Rane,

It certainly looks like something is going on - with the timing.  However, WHAT is the question.  I would not assume the ex is trying to make herself look good, but would be more concerned she is looking for something "bad" or "uncomfortable" to occur so that she could use that in court.  Best advise is to schedule a time to visit after the hearing, and mention the timing within the hearing.

Good Luck.