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Jul 18, 2024, 04:51:11 AM

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What do I say?

Started by I cry_ in_the_dark, Jan 24, 2004, 04:48:20 AM

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Dr. D

I am sorry that you lost custody.  What actions are you taking at this point? Keep me posted on the New Attorney...In the meantime, get counseling for  yourself to get through this.  At this time, you need to nurture yourself.  Dr. D

I cry_ in_the_dark

I mis-spoke...my appointment is actually with a Legal Services, and it's tomorrow. They stated at the time I scheduled the appointment that they didn't know if they would be able to help me or not.

I have quite a bit of documentation compiled. (Including all of the documentation that my original lawyer failed to present to the court.) I have letters written to me by my children, letters from school regarding my son receiving detention 3 times and receiving failing grades, the phone calls at 3 am, police documentation of him interferring in my weekend visitations...I could go on and on.

I am hoping that I have enough to make the courts do a big re-think on what they did, because the judge made a huge mistake! My X was found to be so "credible" in all the findings of fact...and he's failed to live up to anything that he was found to be so credible of.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!

I cry_ in_the_dark

Well...I had my appointment. They can't help me, not for lack of any very pertinent documentation that I may have...but because of some VERY BAD MISINFORMATION given to me by my original lawyer.

I questioned my lawyer the day he handed me the CO on when I should start trying to reverse it. He advised me to wait at least 3 months. In fact, I had 30 days to appeal. x(

Legal Services could also not understand why a psychologist was not brought in after the mediation attempt failed. (Another failure on my lawyers part.  x( )

Ironically, they are going to assist me with my child support appeal. While they normally do not assist with child support hearings, they agreed %100 that my income was grossly miscalculated. While that is a help...it isn't going to help me get my kids back, and that is all I want.

How am I suppose to tell my daughter I have no way to get her back?

Dr. D

I will keep you in my thoughts. Dr. D

Dr. D

You tell your daughter the truth.  That you love her very much, and will always try and hope to get her back.  Let her know that while you have not given up (and don't), right now things are as they are.  Don't give up.  When you think things are all lost, another ray of hope will shine.  I realize that is not much comfort at this point, but things really do turn around frequently.  Keep on........! Dr. D