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Sep 25, 2023, 03:01:25 AM

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What kind of BS is this???????

Started by rini, Nov 22, 2004, 01:08:07 PM

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Today I went to file for food stamps.  
We have actually been eligible for a while but ex husband just lost his job so there will be no income there for dont know how long

OK fill out the application and case worker asks me if I want to apply for cash assistance.  I did not think I was eligible but he said he thought i was.

He says to apply for cash assistance i would have to use the child support system to go after dh and ex husband.  my exhusband has been paying support without the help of the support system in PA for 9 years and personally I like not having to wait for my money.

besides they lost one of my checks and they also returned one of my checks to my ex (accidentallycosting me almost a 1000)  

Do you know what this joker goes on to say.

He says well if bio dad dies what are you going to do then.

I say apply for SS death benefits..

He says that because i have taken cash payments from the dad instead of using the state support system for processing my child support that my kids will be ineligible for benefits.

I basically asked him where he got his info from and his response was that it was common knowledge down here.  

What the&*(^!!!!!!!!

I told him that to my knowledge he was totally wrong

called ss as soon as i got home and asked them if they had ever heard of such a thing ..

their response was


Now welfare is making stuff up to force moms into using the child support system ./...

I guarantee you that this line of bull $H09 will not be broadcasted much longer cause i am livid.

What do you all think of this?


that does sound absurd.  nothing like creating their own urban legend....


I believe the part about going after CS.  Government made me do it when I wanted to get medical coverage for my daughter right after she was born and I was still in college.  And I think they'll probably make you go after him if you're on food stamps too.  But that's just what I remember from my time there.  I'm not sure about being ineligible, but I can see it with the wacky government we have.  I'd talk to a supervisor and ask to see some documentaion of this ineligibility.  They might be saying it as a scare tactic and when confronted about it they might back down!  Best of luck to you.

Kitty C.

Talk about a whole bunch of people with their heads up their butts!  Talk about a fairy tale!  DS is living proof that what they said was a lie!  And you can tell them to talk to me if they don't believe it!  We didn't even HAVE a CS order and DS's dad paid diligently directly to me all the way up until he died.  And DS has been getting regular monthly checks from SS ever since and will be until he graduates from HS.

When you talk to them, rini, get a name and address and send it to me.....I want an opportunity to ream them a new one myself!
Handle every stressful situation like a dog........if you can't play with it or eat it, pee on it and walk away.......


This is not a surprise to me.  The longer I am involved with Support and custody and government agencies the more sure I am that their goal is to cause as much turmoil in families as possible so as to cause as many court dates and as much anemosity as possible.  All the while transferring as much wealth to themselves as possible.  The caseworker is looking for job security for himself and others in that big wheel that is the system.

When they are confronted with an intelligent and thinking person such as yourself they always back down.  Kick butt and take names!


Hell I know how you all feel, I asked my dh's case worker a question and what she gave me I felt was wrong, I asked her to provide me with the RWC that backs up her thinking, she did AND she obviously didn't read of if she did she read it incorectly, so I contacted the admin office and I WAS RIGHT and caseworker was wrong, that field office got a good talking to. Made me wonder how many other ncps were getting screwed by this office for them not reading the RCW properly.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**