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Jul 18, 2024, 05:03:12 AM

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Do we just stop paying???

Started by thestepmom, Apr 08, 2005, 08:45:17 AM

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We have a child turning 18!!!! WHOO HOOOO
She is moving out of her moms and in with us
So does that mean we just stop paying child support?
Do we need to call anyone or fill out any paperwork?
Any help on this will be greatly appreciated thanks.


No...you will have to ask the court to terminate child support.  Depends on the State on how this is done.

Congratulations!  I look forward to the day my husband doesn't have to pay child support.  Got 11 years to go on SD and 14 years to go on SS.  I'll be almost 60 years old before it's over and done with! LOL


It depends what your orders say. If cs is until 18 then I wouldn't send anymore checks. You shouldn't need another court order just to validate an existing one. If cs continues longer then immediately file for change in custody & cs from biomom (request modification back to date of filing important!) If there are other children on the cs order the you'll need to file for a modification unless (again) your orders state otherwise.
Happy Days!!! :)
Are you done with involuntary servitude then?