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Jul 19, 2024, 09:41:07 PM

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NY Child Support question

Started by magfanton, May 03, 2005, 12:14:19 PM

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So the BM is planning on violating the custody order and taking our daughter for more time than she is supposed to over the summer.  If I fight her on it, she says she'll go after me for more support.  Our support order is about 3 years old.  Our daughter is 12 now.

She has 2 extra kids with her current husband since the support order was finalized.  (2yo and 6mo) and she's not working because of that.  I have another daughter (3yo) and one on the way.

What is NY law regarding changing support orders?  Can the custodial parent go back at any time to change it?  Our order included child care, education, everything.  She doesn't need any more money for our daughter, but she wants it because she has 2 kids with her current husband.  I have additional expenses as well, now.

Finally, our daughter wants to spend more time with me throughout the year.  Currently we do W til7pm, 7wks in summer, and e/o weekend from F-Sun.  If we are successful at modifying the custody order, can we petition for a change in the support order based on more time?