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May 26, 2024, 01:35:51 AM

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Question on when new order is in effect.....

Started by tmb8076, May 20, 2005, 08:32:32 AM

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Okay, DH went to court on 4/19.  He was awarded an extra overnight EOW, and a better holiday schedule which gave him more overnights and a reduction in CS.

On 4/19, our attorney told us "start paying this amount" so on 5/1, we sent in the new amount which was a drop of $91 and BM still is not "over it".  

There was an unresolved issue, so the case has not been closed until both attorneys can meet with the new judge (changed on 5/1), of a name change for SS.  The judge didn't think he could change SS's surname in this CS case....but our attorney found cases where it happened in our state, so now the new judge will rule on this.

SOooooooo, BM says we should still be paying the old amount, but our lawyer told us to pay the new amount....

She is really ANGRY over it and I think just angry over what we got in court....so she wants to complain.

Am I right...that when the judge finally rules on the last issue that the CS amount will be retroactive to the first court date 4/19?

I think we are safe sending the new amount and she is just bitter, but wondered if anyone had experienced this in the past..